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My review of Later by Stephen King & Red Country by Joe Abercombie
Red Country:

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00:00 Later
04:09 Red Country


Daniel Greene says:

Be sure to check out my review Trese from last night! Was a late release but I am really proud of it:

Robb Omega Vlka Fenryka says:

0:07 that’s a pretty accurate description of his writing process.

Ryan B says:

Red Country is very different for Abercrombie……but I loved it. I like the reveal of the maker's (Spoiler)-

DRAGON!! I really hope he starts bringing in these pieces he's put into the world for his amazing characters to find. I think in the new trilogy they mention a rumor that a demon killed the emperor of Gurkhul? which I think was either Ferro or Logan 9 fingers (maybe that's where he went after Red Country?). So many cool nuggets of awesomeness sprinked about the books that I hope get brought back in later.

Milos Janjic says:

It’s not Abercrombie’s best work but I enjoyed it… Biggest issue for me was too much Western (genre) influence. It was a good idea definitely, but it was too much…

TheGoldenHomard says:

I agree with the five stars. Like Kraft Dinner I like it a lot and eat it probably more than I should. Three Stars. Is that a bad thing? Nope just means it's not as good as Kraft Dinner and hot dogs. Five stars.

Brady Dastrup says:

Agreed with Red Country. I loved it, but it was slower than I liked. Especially for a stand alone. I still loved it, but it wasn’t Best Served Cold.

Magnetic says:

As my opinion goes I really enjoyed Later! Although I see your point.

The Dead D.C. says:

I think King will sometimes release a book because he can't let the story sit any longer, because he had had the idea in his head for years and it's not gotten any better for a decade or more.

Ákos Szabó says:

I just read Red Country after watching Deadwood…it was a totally different experience for me, there were so much common vibes in them, absolutely loved it! Probably my fav one out of the three standalones 🙂

Stephanie Wilson says:

I felt that way about King's Elevation. It had some good stuff but just felt unfinished. And the end made no sense, there was no feeling of conclusion. Revival was almost the same but better than Elevation.

bstan64 says:

Something to consider Daniel. My initial reaction to this book was a bit luke-warm too, because it felt different from the previous installments. Western? Huh? But a bit further along, I kind of embraced what he was up to in the larger sense. We see a real transition period from feudal/agrarian to industrial. So in a sense you kind of end up with Howard meets Dickens. The social commentary feels a bit odd at first, like a new pair of shoes. But I love what it says about our current society and the economic model it's predicated on. If I ever would own pit bulls I would name them 'Valint' and 'Balk.'

Lizbeth Diaz says:

I was enjoying Later for the fun simple story that it was, but then that twist that King hurled into the story FIVE pages before the end irrevocably pissed me off because of how out of field and irrelevant it was to the story. King could’ve written ANYTHING but that.

R. K. Stumblingbear says:

That was a weighty end question. I have had a few authors this year, that from reading previous works I went into books this year having high expectations. I try really hard to rate the story at hand as it is. But part of that is my enjoyment and if I am disappointed that I didn't get a certain level of writing, my enjoyment of a book is lower. These books end up being still rated middle to high, just not the highest and in my own reviews I do explain that I wanted more because I've gotten more from the author previously.

Roger Aldrich says:

Here's a suggestion, state once at the beginning that all of this is your opinion then speak in a sure and declarative tone for the whole rest of the video. I already understand that "some people" give five stars to inferior books but I am not here to listen to "some people's" opinions, I am here to find out what you think. Please stop worrying about "some people" all together and just review the books. This is between you and Steven King, "some people" shouldn't be involved here.

Now that that nit has been picked I'll say that I liked your review and that you are spot on when describing the very wide range in quality of Mr. King's work.

Taylor S. Miller says:

Very nice reviews, it’s fun to see your raw opinions about books Daniel. You take this very seriously and are thorough.

Domagoj Čović says:

It is a very bad book.

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