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Hello, here’s another Stephen King #readingvlog! Have you read Salem’s Lot? If so, what are your thoughts? Where does this rank on the Stephen King book scale for you?

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Stacey King says:

Gabby you need to do a reading of Communion (by Frank Lauria)
aka "Alice Sweet Alice", which is the title of the movie based on the novel.

Mark Lyne says:

The problem with people reading Salem's Lot is everyone think the Vampires are the main element of the story….. The story is more focused on the Marsden House and it's negative influence on the town and the towns corruption. Many small towns have stories of the "haunted" abandoned house on the outskirts or in the Town with various stories about it. I love the twist that those who were miserable in life find some form of happiness and "peace" as vampires.

Indigospade says:

I think ben and susan were great. And matt and mark had some interesting perspectives. But yah, the story had a hard time letting you really hold on to the characters. I feel like the book It balanced its ensemble cast more cleverly

Stacey King says:

Gabby, Ur inspiring me to establish a reading vlog, only mine will be strictly reading @ railroad, Cowboy/Old West, Gold mining, Civil War and Logging/logging rr histories ⚒️🚂💂🤠🌲
Also, this Summer, to initially set a contrasting mood of reading about turn-of-the-century history in the present day, I'm going to a local family aquatic center nearby me on a warm sunny day to read it pool side. Just keep looking
out for it.


Stacey King says:

I can hear it pour down rain in the background ☔🌧️🌌

Shawn Caution says:

Finally someone who sees this book the same way I do. I thought Mark was an adult for the longest time until he got into the car near the end. I also got some of the names confused, there was too much going on honestly. I couldn't keep up with the jumping back and forth. Took me a bit to realize what King meant by "fell on them" cause he ended saying that a lot but with no detail. He sure loved spending 200 pages detailing the town though.

scoob40haha says:

Watch the movie gabbie it's excellent

Deckard Rifle80 says:

Hey Gabby! If you remember Father Callahan from this book, his story does continue beyond that book in a strange way. On another note, you should try his 7 novel Dark Tower saga. Best thing he’s written, at least for me that is.

Stacey King says:

Those tidbits of the news clippings collected by Ben Mears is my most favorite part of the book, because they compliment the suspense, and a couple of those clippings that most intrigued me was the one @ an issue with a wild dog pack roaming @ The
Jerusalem's Lot-Cumberland-Falmouth area and the other one was @ an elderly widowed lady's account of the night of 6/4/1976
(Fri) when she heard that distinctive scratching sound on her window and then looking up to see a
VERY scary, grinning face supposedly of a vampire and then apparently suffering a heart attack as a result.
BTW, June 4, 1976 is my cousin's birthdate!

Daniel Plaza says:

The part I loved was Barlow’s letter. My god, it was terrifying! It was more about what he didn’t say than what he did say! You really got a grasp of how ancient and powerful he was. You really realized what they were truly up against. He was evil personified. What chance in hell did they have really? I just love this book. Its sublime

Sam Pardowski says:

Should read Let The Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist

DietWater46 says:

As soon as she said "its like 1:20 in the after noon for me" my clock hit 1:20 PM

Kaden Nemec says:

Hell yeah pineapple on pizza

Heim Liebe Null says:

I loooooove the show the haunting of hill house and bly manor.

Kaden Nemec says:

Love the music at the beginning

DietWater46 says:

Not a spoiler that there are vampires, some print editions say stuff about vampires on the cover.

Rob says:

The movie scared the crap out of me. Still does. The book is very good too.

ashik singh says:

I enjoyed an epilogue part of this book most.

Bill Keon says:

Spoilers are always best because you have to discuss and elaborate in depth and that’s the most entertaining part of a video post like this. It’s what makes movie review shows so good

Catherine's BookIsland says:

Have you read the Butterfly garden by Dot Hutchison?

God First, Love all ! says:

King is way too wordy for me, love the movies but I can not read his books lol

Anna Wixom says:

Gabby please read the lesser dead by Christopher Buehlman. The audio is SO good. It’s one of my favorite vampire horror novels. His voice in his narration is so haunting and is just perfection. You would love it.

nerdieone1 says:

The two guys who move into the house are references to Dracula and Renfield.

nerdieone1 says:

In vampire myths vampires often go after children or 'young blood'.

nerdieone1 says:

Salem's Lot was inspired by Dracula! XD

Gustavo Andrade says:

Just found your channel when searching for Salem's lot review. Loved this Format of video, your editing is so great 🙂

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