Rage of Dragons or Rage of Jashana? || Rant Review [CC]

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Twas not the book for me…


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Kake Rake says:

THANK YOU! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST everyone is just creaming their fucking panties over this goddamn overpowered anime character. So many plot holes especially in the magic system of the world.

Jashana says:

If you're feeling the need to try to hurt my feelings via insulting me, because I dared to have a different reading experience than you and disliked your fave… please just keep your weird, pissy comments to yourself.

Also, me disliking one particular book by one particular Black author does not mean I hate Black people, for those of you who seem to be confused. I was INTERESTED in it because of the African-inspired world and because I enjoy reading more than just white characters by white authors. It's really weird that your insults go there from one negative opinion, honestly.

No longer engaging with these kinds of comments at all and you'll just be hidden. Spend your time doing something else, like taking some deep breaths maybe!

Justin Hight says:

I still want to check this out. But I still subscribed lol

Heba Jibril says:

Have to disagree with this one, though to each their own.😄

I think the author could have done a more thorough job of showing Tau’s spiralling descent into madness but thats what it is. By the midway point of this book were not looking at decision making from a rational characters perspective. His choices seems dumb when you hold it to someone bound by the rules of fear.Tau isn’t shown to us as especially smart, or handsome, or a great fighter. He has no aptitude for the journey he is about to go on. What we do know about him is he is lonely, isolated and constantly being treated as lesser than others. Bred to lead a bleak life, his life would be short and marred in violence anyhow. He just decides to choose a purpose and that is all consuming vengeance.Tau seems boring because he doesnt have anyone or anything to live for except Zuri (and occasionally his sword brothers) and even that is fleeting because of society’s structure.

I guess Tau is boring the way Rand Al Thor from WOT is boring or the way the way Szeth from Way of Kings is boring?
or the way Sansa from Game of Thrones is boring.These characters do tend to get their share of criticisms for being one dimensional and yet somehow they fit in their worlds of unending violence, because thats what these sort of military story breed.

i do think this book does suffer a bit from over hype but boring it is not.

Thank you for helping me figure out where i stand with this book. 😄

tammie tries to read says:

LOL JASHANA! i just finished the book and your review was so cathartic, i agree with so much of what you said 😂 i also think the ending wasn't good enough to make up for the rest of the entire middle section of this book…

Nicholas Walls says:

Love it. Dumb as shit protagonists THAT AREN'T PUNISHED BY THEIR WORLD are some of my major issues with entertainment. You can HAVE an idiot, that is great! But hate it when the plot contorts itself to aide them.

Jimmy Allen says:

I was about 50+ pages in and thinking I was missing something…thank you for the confirmation that this sucks.

Andross TheRed says:

Disagree but I can see some of your points. Tau does have some idiot moments. His identity was revenge so it wasn't that big of a deal that he was consumed by it for me. Tau did lose repeatedly so it wasn't as if he didn't win just for no reason. Training in that other realm against the demons is how he got faster and stronger. He couldn't explain it himself. Different books for different people.

CharMeezy21 says:

Although I loved the book and even liked Tau, I can see why you and others can feel differently than me. Tau and Rage in general is not for everyone.lol Thanks for the review and always quality content! ❤️ I hope Winter has taken in the constructive criticism of the community and has applied it to book two.

Mykle Grey says:

I. Am. Fucking. DEAD right now! This review is un-fucking-beatable!

Spencer Robinson says:

You missed a lot reading this story (or at least you did in your review). read a lot and I was pretty impressed with this book. You say his strength was unearned but on the same note you complain that he’s training constantly. Seems like a bit of a contradiction to me. I respect that this isn’t the book for you but I find your arguments against it flawed and weak. I’m going to check a few more of your reviews to get a better feel for your tastes.

LH2608 says:

I love this review. Agree wholeheartedly. It wasn't a good book.

Maya Sixtus says:

At 7:43 you state Tau "suddenly becomes the best swordsman to ever live"…but he is training almost all day every day. He even initiates additional early morning and late night training. How is that sudden?

I think (opinion) in the beginning of the book the nobles underestimate him when they interact and are surprised by his skill for his cast. As his reputation grows (and his training jumps in difficulty by his choice) he's underestimated less.

Do his skills accelerate too fast in 1 year, yes, l agree with you there. If he had maybe another year to train non stop I think it would make much more sense. Granted with the time difference in his secondary training ground maybe he did get more like 1.5 years training.

Joshua Moore says:

Spoilers: You missed out on how he became so good at fighting. Yes he progress through practice, better food, training to exhort ion but that only took him so far. What made it possible to become 2nd = in his squad was going to the demon realm. where he got defeated every time but he could train as long as he was able to stand being defeated. Once he trained with both arms + still going into the demon realm propel him to be one of the best

Drew says:

He should have been named Leroy Jenkins😂💀 just came across your channel and I immediately subscribed after that🤣

James Ocean says:

This is SUCH an accurate review. You get a sub from me. This honestly was such a disappointing book and I don't get how it gets such a great review. Unless it's by people who are paid for it. Most of them all say the same things that just aren't true about the book. You're review however hit all the right point. The Prologue was interesting. At one point I had to stop and be like. Is this the prologue still? Did I read past it without knowing?

The romance was broadcast and forced IMO who's that quick to jump into the tub with a guy that just held a knife to their throat with the intent to kill them? The sword fighting was alright but there was virtually no weight behind most of his fights and he always won them unless being overwhelmed by demons that was training (and again no real consequence since he could just return after failing) While the ending was what the MC deserved IMO. It didn't show any growth. Unless his thirst for vengeance was the growth which happened in the first 1/4 of the book and never changed. He was a stupid ball of vengeance and never learned a thing from it constantly taking shit away from him.

I'll be watching more of your videos and watching out for a real recommendation and avoiding other… lemons like RoD.

bookaholic/gameaholic/vlogaholic 101 says:

That’s what made him a great character he had fault he’s made stupid mistakes but you can see where he was coming from this review makes no sense

N. AlBatin says:

"and he was kinda dumb" some one said he should have been names Leroy Jenkins, and he fkn should have been". What does this mean?

Kevin Walsh says:

"Suddenly he's the best swordsman who ever lived…he's up really early and he stays late training but so do a bunch of other people that have way more experience than him. He has no magical powers". I wondering if you glossed over the part that made me really love this book. It's when he learned to go into the demon realm and every night he would go in, fight as long as he could, knowing he couldn't win, and would die over and over. And he basically said "I did 3 runs yesterday, I'm going to do 4 times today, 5 times tomorrow". Time in the demon realm goes by in the blink of an eye our time so he could pack a bunch of training in basically seconds. I get he has a Kratos personality, but I love the sort of edge of tomorrow aspect of his training and how he became such a good fighter. I forgave him becoming the best because he suffered and died over and over and over, night after night to get better. It wasn't sudden, I enjoyed the in-world explanation for his progression and toll it took on him to get there.

David T62 says:

SPOILER WARNING – The Rage of Dragons is not to be taken literally…I believe it refers to their “imprisonment” by the Omehi people over 200 years

Alex Nieves says:

I just finished the book and actually loved it, but you ranting about Tau did make me laugh. He was fully consumed by his vengeance that it drove him to throw strategy out the window far too often. That part that you mention where he's talking about sneaking and then just yells and charges actually made me laugh when I read it and I do agree with you there, that was pretty dumb.

Adam Parker says:

Thanks for keeping it real. Nice to see honest reviews.

yogi with a book says:

THANK YOU JASHANA. Adriana and I just finished buddy reading it and then spent like 5 hours yelling about our grievances in dms. I don't understand the overwhelming positive reviews for this when it's shallow, boring, and constantly retconning its own setup

Somatra says:

I liked the book a lot because of the action. This review was very entertaining! I definitely agree that without the revenge plot Tau is not interesting or relatable lol.

Pablo Lopez says:

Finally, someone that has an honest opinion on this book. Can't understand the hype with such a mediocre book

Paul_the_bookworm says:

I'm 100 pages in and not enjoying it at all. Starting a book with a battle is very odd as I have no reason to care about any of the characters yet. Then I see this is in the past so I think, OK now we'll get some character and world building. No, another battle, and again I have no reason to care about anyone.

Top this off with characters I can't for a second keep track of in terms of who's who, a class system that is far too complex to be just dumped on you with little to no explanation, zero attempt to explain anything in the world or establish who anyone is and the hype for this just completely baffles me. Hearing that although the title includes the word dragons but they appear very little in the story is actually my smallest complaint which surprises me. I've just done two really long days at work and should have been able to get lots of reading done on breaks, dinner and the commute. I did barely any. Picking this up actually feels like a chore and that I'm forcing myself to read it because I bought it for almost full price. A couple of days ago I even questioned if I actually was a high fantasy fan because of this book and if I just couldn't get my head around more complex books. On reflection this is rediculous because I loved Peter V Brett's The Demon Cycle series and that ticks all those boxes. I clearly have read different words to those who have reviewed this positively because damn this was a slog. If I had to say something positive it's that the cover is nice. I think from now on I'll try more books at the library before I part with hard earned money because in this case I might as well have flushed it down the toilet.

Samuel Anim Addo says:

This review does not do the book justice. But the title of this video is RANT. So gotta respect that. But I loved the book and the stubbornness of the character is what makes the protagonist very interesting, though not lovable because That's not what the story is trying to achieve. Also he does not win all the time and the whole book is about him training to become the best which he does by exploring means nobody else would dare do.

B_A_Z_E_D V.2.0 says:

It's weird that you got a unbeatable vibe from Tau through the story, while I read it he seemed to do nothing but lose fights. He lost in the entrance exam and was only let in as an experiment, he lost against the nobles and lead to his own team's loss and he seemed to not catch a true victory throughout this whole story. I will agree with you that he was annoying though very understandable as a teenage boy who lost his father and is set for revenge would be, though I soon found my enjoyment coming from the secondary cast.

The story reminds me of a series by the name of "Vinland Saga" which has a simliar revenge filled plot but quickly became about the human psychology and forgivness, I doubt "Rage of Dragons" will go down this road but I think most of my enjoyment came from the fact that this was a non-European fantasy world and how it reminded of Vinland Saga. Great video btw.

Sea Bird says:

Tau??? Fucking TOWEL?? He sounds about as daft as a towel, at least towels have better use out of them though 🤷‍♀️
And this has a 4.39 rating now – HOW? Mentioned as "GoT meets gladiator". Excuse the fuck me. Did the characters in either of those books/movie spend 75% repeatedly training and moping about?
Don't insult Gladiator's beautiful message like that, and don't for fuks sake undermine all of the epicness going on in GoT.
I'm incredibly salty.
I loved this review
I am also binge watching your videos – your content is amazing.

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