productive study vlog, book haul, finals week and more!

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hey froggies! what’s up?
it’s me zoya and thank you for watching my video.

Link to my channel with my best friend (it’s super funny and we react to crazy stuff)

Link to my second channel (vlogs, reaction, gaming, talks, etc)

remember to subscribe to be a part of the frog squad. we’re wholesome lmao.

if you wanna meet some really cool people, vibe with some amazing music and share memes and everything, join the discord. I’m pretty active on there as well.

link to the frog squad server

places to find me:
instagram: @zoyabbas
snapchat: @zoyabbas
twitter: @ohyeahzoya
pinterest: @zoyaabbas79
tumblr: @zoyabbas
spotify: zoyeah
vsco: @zoyatheavocado

For business inquiries only:
(If you wanna send me something apart from business inquiries please PLEASE stick to Instagram or try reaching out through my discord server. I will not respond to any personal emails on here, because I don’t manage this email.)

what camera do I use?
Canon 200D

what editing software do I use?
Premiere Pro

Keep spreading love, keep spreading positivity.
love, Zoya.



Zyst says:

First teehee 🙂

Jaladhitha J says:

Zoya di, Why won't you try making book suggestion video? We'd love to watch it☺

Fardowsi's Universe says:

Wow in love with your videos 😀

Hina Patel says:

Hi Zoya! Plz make a video about tgs, how you got into it, how does it work, how you got a scholarship and your personal experience. Really interested to know.

Sara says:

Zoyaaa always motivates to study❤️

Nikhil says:

Admit her, She's cute😁

Hasam Saleem says:

Shanaz kaleem

Hasam Saleem says:

Please i need your skin care routine and apni video mein mera name lena

HARSHA CHAUHAN-the creative soul says:

Bro you read so good books… I Just read Harry Potter and hardy boys and all…. 💛😅

Janhavi Chauhan says:

hi Zoya, can you recommend some books to read?

Afreen Ahsan says:

What's her stream?

nidhi banerjee says:

ah the gaming set up tho

Kashish Kapoor says:

My sky? It’s our sky! Aw❤️

Shruti Jaiswal says:

aap hindi bolte hue bohot cute lagte hain… kya aap bihari hain?

Mannat Ratol says:

I always thought that and the mountains echoed was the best


Are you Indian

Rishu Raj says:

I’m from India and is thinking of applying in think global school and had some queries
1.We had our grade 9 exams offline but due to certain problems I was not able to attend them so what to do next as I tried contacting them but never got a response.
2.When will application portal open.

ที่รัก देसी सेनाジミン says:

Day one of asking zoya pretend your on a vouge beauty secrets video

Radha Kapoor says:

Uh are such a sweetheart 🥺❤

Fateh Thedon says:

She is like family man's dhriti

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