PIECES OF HER | Spoiler-Free Review! 🔪

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ChapterStackss says:

I should have said this in the video, but a warning that one of the plot-lines deals with severe domestic abuse. Wanted to give you all a heads up in case that's something you would prefer to not read.

Tussen De Boeken says:

I liked this book, but didn't love it to be honest, I hope I'll like the Netflix series more! I gave the book 3 stars

K C says:

I’ve been reading her since her first book and I’ve found that I prefer her standalones and am now passing on the Grant County sagas ( no longer care about the characters).

Xiomara Guajardo says:

I sent you a DM on Instagram! Karin Slaughter wrote an awesome note in my mom's library copy of the book. Can't post picture comments on YouTube :/

Carnelian says:

You should try the Grant County series she wrote, or the Will Trent series.

Book Escapism says:

I just read my first Karen Slaughter book, Pretty Girls, this month and am so excited to read more books by her!

2BOLD4U says:

Have fun at your kickboxing class!

Boho Bookworm says:

I've read a handful of Karin Slaughter books and Pieces of Her is definitely my favorite – it's very different from her other ones. Andrea was AWFUL wasn't she? Haha so happy you said that.

Denise Briese says:

She is also my favorite! Thanks to you! currently reading this book

wickedspell85 says:

Book club: no scary, paranormal, or anything with possession.
Me: they didn't say anything about gritty books. My pick Pretty Girls.

kelly r says:

Thanks for the new video, Katie! I hope to get around to one of Slaughter's books, because you make them sound really interesting. Like most people, I like seeing strong female protagonists, but as weird as it is to say, I oddly enjoy reading well-developed weak female characters probably just as much. I don't necessarily know why. Hope your kick-boxing class and the rest of your week goes well! (love your shirt btw)

Brenda de Paula says:

Im loving your videos. I never thought i liked reading, until… i found the right genre for me lol! I did buy pretty girls, i hope i like it!

The Nikki Diaries says:

Ahhh! I just bought my first Karin Slaughter book and cannot WAIT to read it!!!

GidgetGrl Reading says:

Did you hear it's going to be a eight episode Netflix series. It's coming out sometime in 2019.

TheBookWorm says:

I really enjoy your videos, even though many times our opinions are opposites. I recently also did a review on Pieces of her (here's a link, shamelessly promoting my own channel: https://youtu.be/jG34-X9zEmE) and I wasn't so impressed, one of the things that stood out the most was how much it was like The Good Daughter. I wonder if you also saw the similarities between the books, especially in the opening scene?

saucymauve says:

Katie..have you heard of the new psychological thriller "The Silent Patient"?Its by Alex Michaelides..supposed to be very good:)

Lindsay H says:

I'm really happy it's becoming more common for books to have female character that aren't just manic-pixie-dream-girl love interest, the mean girl everywhere in YA, or the flawless protag.

Charles Smith says:

I think it is perfectly fine to add Karin Slaughter to the pantheon with Gillian Flynn: it is the opening of a really strong thriller "BRANCH" of the literary tree. 🌳 Bring on all the suspense sprouting branches!

Lisa Atkinson says:

Kisscut by her, is good and quite graphic also. That was the first book I read by her.

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