It is that time of year once again when book critics and reviewers are asked what are the best spy books of the year. Spybrary is a ‘by spy fans for spy fans’ production so [More]
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The 10 Best Spy Movies Of All Time A special brand of excitement can be found in spy movies. Audiences are swept away by dashing agents strutting into high-stakes scenarios, embedding into exotic locations, and [More]
In this video you will find a complete summary of rich dad poor dad, it includes each and every chapter of the book. Rich dad poor dad is a personal finance book written by Robert [More]
“The Witches” 2020 vs. “The Witches” 1990, which is better? Our verses includes casting, the mice, faithfulness to the source material, and more! Which “Witches” do YOU prefer? Let us know in the comments! Watch [More]
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Top 10 Most popular books by John le Carré David John Moore Cornwell, better known by his pen name John le Carré, was a British author, best known for his espionage novels, many of which [More]
The Hyperion Cantos is a Science Fiction Series by Dan Simmons that consists of 4 books. Hyperion, The Fall of Hyperion, Endymion, and the Rise of Endymion. The First book of the series opens up [More]
Summary: “The Power of your Subconscious Mind” is a personal development book written by Joseph Murphy, first published in 1963. The book is a guide to using the power of the subconscious mind to create [More]
This video is not made for kids and discusses books written for adults (18+). ASMR Relaxing Book Reviews & Sounds… Tapping, Page Flipping… A video to help you relax, feel tingles, and fall asleep 🙂 [More]
A spy who wrote fairy tails catch up on hostory that you missed in your history class Before becoming famous for such books as “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “James and the Giant Peach,” [More]
Finally, another bookshelf tour! Enjoy 🙂 Book Depository Affiliate: Get a free audiobook: – If you use my affiliate link I get a small commission – FIND ME ON LE INTERWEBS: Instagram: [More]
Hello Readers, Here’s my attempt at explaining you some of the widely read book genres along with their examples My Amazon Affiliate Link: Follow my channel if you love to Read! Follow me on [More]
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John Butler ‘Discovering Stillness – Part 1’ Interview by Iain McNay. Author of ‘Wonders Of Spiritual Unfoldment’ and Mystic Approaches.’ His loves were farming and meditation. Tells his story of spiritual unfoldment and how he [More]
Here’s a quick tour of some common ideas I refer to when I take pictures for my bookstagram (@thebookshelfist). I had so much fun making and editing this video! Music: Sand Castles by Purrple Cat [More]
In this thrilling episode, we have a special guest, David Clark, who worked as a Special Advisor to former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook. David has an intellectual and professional interest in intelligence, making him [More]
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