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Christopher Hitchens Owns the Christian Book Expo 2009
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The Grimes sisters aren’t normal — even by witches’ standards. For weeks, Fiona has been having chilling visions of death, and Eleanor sees restless spirits nearly everywhere she goes. It doesn’t help that Mountain Shadow [More]
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Yale's Jeffrey Sonnenfeld takes a bold stance against BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, criticizing his pendulum-like swings amid Aramco news. Analyzing BlackRock's foot-in-mouth approach, Sonnenfeld provides valuable insights into the controversial decision.
Bill Browder Takes Center Stage in Hearing on Switzerland's Role in Russian Money Laundering and Sanctions Evasion
The first science fiction novel ever written (over 200 years ago), Frankenstein is a tragic and cautionary tale about failed humanity, the dangers of scientific knowledge, an overreaching scientist playing “God,” and the universal desire [More]


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