Today I’m doing an ORIGINAL TAG in which I recommend some of my favorite books featuring some of my favorite paranormal creatures! Wheeeee! Get a free audiobook! Vlog channel shenanigans – THE CREATURES [More]
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it’s kinda like cooking with kat, but instead of food i’m f*cking up my hair. i filmed this back in february and just got around to editing it. it’s kind of a mess and i [More]
Today I’m doing the Reader Problems book tag! Oh, the everyday dilemmas of a book lover… DAILY VLOGS THIS MONTH HAPPENING HERE – Get a free audiobook! Original tag – QUESTIONS 1. [More]
Chaos and competition–it’s another booksplosion collab extravaganza! Christine’s vid – Jesse’s vid – Try Audible and get a free audiobook! – GO BOOK SHOPPING: I am a Book Depository Affiliate! If [More]
THIS GAME HURT MY SOUL. I’M SORRY, BOOKS… Check out Audible and get a free audio book! WATCH JAR GAMES PARTS 1 & 2: Be Room Cliff – Marry Kiss Cliff – [More]
let’s chat about how my (complicated) feelings about makeup have evolved over the years! this video is part of a paid promotion with disney book group to celebrate THE EVERLASTING ROSE by dhonielle clayton! more [More]
LET’S OUTLINE A BOOK! today i’m doing a quick overview of my 3 act / 9 block / 27 chapter outline method and then outlining an example story! more videos about this outline method linked [More]
hi hello my favorite book of all time is getting a sequel and I HAVE ZERO CHILL. let us view the beautiful cover for WAYWARD SON by rainbow rowell and discuss some of my hopes [More]
if these new books are any indication, THIS YEAR IS OFF TO A PRETTY GREAT START! Try Audible and get a free audiobook! – BOOKSPLOSION is an online book club hosted by me, Christine [More]
in which i attempt to read 9 books in 11 days in the hopes of completing my 2018 goodreads challenge. follow me on twitter! – and instagram too! – and goodreads too bc [More]
welcome to my bullet journal setup for 2019! i’m really happy with how it turned out and i hope y’all enjoy my first bujo video! let me know if you wanna see more bullet journal [More]
I had the privilege of sitting down with Michelle Obama to ask her a question about the process of writing her memoir, Becoming! For more, check out the round-table video: BookTube | A Discussion With [More]
I’M GOING ON A BOOK TOUR?!! And other bookish writing things! THANKS FOR WATCHING! PRE-ORDER the Barnes & Noble Exclusive edition:\ | Watch the Book Writing Chronicles with XtineMay: Again, But Better is [More]
Adding so many NEW books to my ever growing collection. A HAUL! Thanks for watching! This video contains a paid promotion with Disney Book Group. SUBSCRIBE ► GET a FREE audio book with [More]
BOOK SORTING! In which I impersonate a sorting hat and place our favorite books into what I think are their proper Hogwarts Houses! Hope you enjoy! SUBSCRIBE ► PREORDER my novel AGAIN, BUT BETTER [More]
Inside look at the AGAIN BUT BETTER audiobook recording, plus another special edition announcement and updates! Thanks for watching! Preorder AGAIN BUT BETTER: | The audiobook: The Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition:\ [More]
Looking for something non-boring and awesome? OMG THIS BOOK… My name’s Christine Riccio! I love comedy and reading fantastic books. I make what I like …
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View full lesson: Over a hundred years after his creator was laid to rest, Dracula lives on as the most famous vampire in history. But this Transylvanian noble – neither the first fictional vampire, [More]
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