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A list of older fantasy books I want to read 🙂

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joy clendening says:

Yes Kushiel’s Dart!! My favorite fantasy series, I have signed copies, her tattoo, LOVE this! There’s a secondary series that plays off the secondary characters.

Zoey L says:

gatekeeping in the book community is exhausting :/ you don't need to have read anything for your opinion to be valid. how can we reduce the joy and magic of reading to the numbers of books you've read? so how many books do I have to read before being "approved" as an avid reader, or fan of fantasy books? ://
anyway, love this video, you mentioned so many books that I haven't heard before that I'm eager to read! I've only read up to volume 4 of Naomi Novik's Temeraire series back in middle school, but now you have renewed my interest!

Celise Winter says:

I liked The Warded Man. Not a 5/5 but really solid and refreshing.

Christina M says:

Mercedes Lackey aka Laura Hamilton is very good as well. Hope you like them.

Bugsby says:

yay – I have Kushiel's Dart though I haven't read it either.

Stephen Wood says:

I've had the first 4 Temeraire books on my shelf forever, got them cheap. Just need to read them already.

I couldn't get into The Black Company. Borrowed that collection from the library. The first book just kept skipping time and I never felt attached to any characters, not enough sense of story telling for me. The second was better, but I stopped there. I think the series stood out because it was so different from normal fantasy at the time, just wasn't great IMO.

The Warded Man, I did quite enjoy. A little overrated, but pretty good. I picked up the 2nd, still TBR.

As for older fantasy, Guy Gavriel Kay has some really good fantasy books that are quite well written. And even standalone novels like Tigana. Nice to have some 1 and done books, series always feel like a huge investment.

Jason Daniel says:

The Darkness That Comes Before is basically a fantasy version of Dune.

John Ord says:

To get into dresden you really need to get past book 4, that's when it starts to pick up.

Jessica E. says:

I read the Kushiel series when I was a teenager and that's a long time ago 🤣 But I remember really liking them. It's by the way not only the covers which are saucy. There was BDSM and it sometimes got pretty dark, but also a great story and world building and I remember really loving the writing style. I really need to reread and see how they hold up 😁

Fifitrixibooks says:

I read Trudi Canavans Black Magician series when I was about 14 and loved it. I’ve re-read it a few times since too. It definitely read as Y.A from what I remember but I definitely enjoyed.

Peter Brasier says:

I read hobbit and the first lord of the rings, it is good to have A foundation but I dnf the 2nd book.

If you love Sanderson you should read his teachers works (runelords) I started the first one and loved it the magic is cool.

Brent weeks, tad Williams, Robert jordan .

Funny enough I actually judge books by their cover and if the cover looks like it comes from the 1980 I will by the book ( still waiting to find A copy of the kings dragon(spaced on the authors name but I thing its the flaming monolith series black and yellow bindings hard to miss))

Anyway just got some new series added due to the video. We will see if I can make my to read pile reach 50 strong

Xavier Lesueur says:

the black company is awesome, one of my favorites and i've read a LOT of series xD

Jay Bee says:

I can’t wait to hear your opinion about Glen Cook’s “Black Company” series. I discovered his series in the late 80’s.

Bridget Thomas says:

I loved the Alanna books too!

Ilia Danilov says:

Glen Cook's Black Company is… well, I don't think it is good. It is pretty boring, some books are just mediocre. And first book is just dry war log notes. However, the second book, `Shadows Linger`, is AMAZING! It felt mostly like a side story, but it was FANTASIC. Sadly, third book is back to mediocre and boring again. And never read `The Silver Spike`, a spin-off (sometimes placed after 3rd book). 'The Silver Spike' is so horrible and awful, I can't imagine that a real person wrote it. I liked second part of the series more in terms of consistency (it didn't have any terrible or horrible or awful parts), and some catch phrases stuck with me, but this series has never got my interest or made me care about characters or the plot. Also says a lot about why I am torturing myself reading 10 book series that I really don't like (except for that second book).

Hugo González says:

I'm really glad you're picking up the Farseer and Black Company books! Hope you really like them 😀
There are a couple you mentioned, I've never heard before.

Have you ever read Acacia trilogy by David Anthony Durham? I know it's not a classic/old series. Haven't read it yet, but really want to pick it up.

Paul J says:

Kushiel's Dart is a great book and part of a great series.

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