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Aergaia says:

Midori and Nagasawa. Actually Reiko too.

I'm a Mermaid says:

midori is my fav tooooo aaagh i just finished reading the book and i have this strong desire burning inside of me to pour out my tears but i cant seam to do it because ive been so happy these days and i dont want to ruin it for me !!!

Hilde Sophie says:

U didnt spoke about nagasawa.. I like a confident and brilliant character, i think he was one..

Akriti Singh says:

Can u speak up a lil about the ending… I kind of was shocked n surprised n confused at the same time reading how Midori and Toru had their phone conversation… Can you please tell your understanding about how the story ended and also wt do you think would have happened (if at all we could know further) after that ..??

HonkAtMyMonkey says:

I feel like you do not like me.

Deepa Antony says:

Midori is my favourite too.
And yes, Reiko's past and the scene that triggers how things end up for her it very very disturbing.
However, Norwegian Wood is an extremely intense book to go through. Loved it.

Savannah Byrne says:

Fave character is Reiko.

Katarina Krizanova says:

Reiko and Toru are the best. (:

Rick Ruffin says:

It was good, but not great. I am ready for a great novel

Rick Ruffin says:

Yes, I have read "what I think about when I am running," or some such thing

Jilmi Raingam says:

midori my fav❤

Pedro Levy says:

Midori was also my favourite character.I also really liked Reiko.
Love your channel, keep it up!

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