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Some non-fantasy book recommendations 🙂

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Non-fantasy book recommendations (part one):
Between the World and Me:
-Between the World and Me mini review:
-Geekerella review:
-Geekerella podcast style chat with my hubby:
-Skyward book review:
-Startsight (Skyward book two) book review:
-Skyward musical tribute:
-Skyward character appreciation:
Vinland Saga:
Aeronaut’s Windlass:
-Aeronaut’s Windlass book review:

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Lea Campbell says:

THANK YOU! for being a booktuber who doesn’t use your hands, exaggerated facial expressions, loud outburst and sound effects in your book reviews. Now. Unpopular opinion, I’m not so keen on fantasy books……yet. I said it. BUT, I’ve subscribed in hopes that some of your recommendations will wake my fantasy bug!

Chris says:

When you recommended Vinland saga I got really happy. Such a beautiful story

Frank L. Formica says:

“A ladder to the sky” by John Boyne and. “My year of rest and Relaxation” by Ottessa Moshfegh

Maidby Maid says:

Vinland Saga sounds a lot like the last kingdom, so it feels like it would be my jam

Donald Cake says:

Starship Mage Glynn stewart, fantasy and science fiction combined

ostrich reads says:

Talking cat? Steampunk? I immediately got the audiobook! I used to read only fantasy but especially this year I found many of my favourite non-fantasy books: Emma, The long way to a small angry planet, The Poet X, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Humankind – A hopeful history, The Shadow of the Wind… Very excited to find many more in the future and diversify my reading 🙂

nats92lilac says:

Nice video, please make a historical fiction recs next

JUSTINE B. says:

Give away 😍

Sabriel's Bell says:

You should read Code Name Verity. Its a historical fiction book with my favorite friendship! Its sad, dark, and has so many little twists at the end! I would love to see what you think of it.

hea booktubes says:

I just love your videos. ♥️🍂

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