new all time favorites & other amazing books i've read recently

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i’ve loved every book i’ve read recently….let’s talk about them!
let me know what you’ve been reading lately 💕

l i n k s:
✨ my necklace:

b o o k s m e n t i o n e d:
– on earth we’re briefly gorgeous by ocean vuong
– the grisha trilogy by leigh bardugo
– the lives of saints by leigh bardugo
– the stationery shop by marjan kamali
– goodbye, again by johnny sun
– everything i never told you by celeste ng
– freshwater by akwaeke emezi
– horimiya vol. 1 by daisuke hagiwara and hero

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thank you so much for watching 💛


Apurvo Pal says:

Are you reading manga also?

namelesspeach says:

I'm late for the party but I feel like you would enjoy the manga "Green Garden" !

Sarah Rose217 says:

i just paused your video and went to amazon bought The Stationary Shop lol thank you! im excited 😁

Ruben Dario Siono says:

pls read vampire academy! i swear its so good, i think you'll love it!

Metal oopa says:

Manga rec: haikyuu!!
-absolutely love the manga and the anime, loved it so much it drove me to play volleyball lmao (been playing for almost 4 years now holy shit)

aadya kapoor says:

Hannah…you recommended The Stationery Shop…I read it…and now I have a new all-time favourite!! Firstly thank you for recommending me such an amazing book and secondly, it made me feel warm and fuzzy and it made me cry. As you said it is an immaculate piece of work…And being an Asian..the food and spice references ..uhh…I was hungry the whole time…:)) <3 <3

Lorena JF says:

For manga recs, you’d probably like Yona, the princess standing at the blush of dawn, the romance is really slow burn but extremely cute, and it’s about this girl Yona whose father is killed and she needs to escape and along the way she stars finding what’s happening in her country.
It’s my favourite manga at the moment and I think maybe you’d like it

Seena Shibu says:

I have a book recommendation for you. Flawed – Novel by Cecelia Ahern. Have you read it? If you did, how is it? I love listening to your videos.

Amanda Iannacone says:

If you want a good book and want a good recommendation you should read The Song of Achilles

Schnococo says:

Omg you HAVE to read Fruits Basket if you want to read Romance/Fantasy Manga! 😍 There‘s also an Anime which is pretty true to the Mangas.

Impostersyndrome says:

Have you read The song of Achilles? That book broke me

Abbi R says:

For a manga you should read: Meru Peri. It's about a high school girl who has a magic mirror and a prince from another land comes through the mirror with a curse on him. There's only four volumes And it's from the same author of vampire knights.

foufou chab says:

hi yooooo i really wish you watch given is an anime short serie and it is soooo amazing and it has a good manga too

SUHAS P says:

no no no plz stop recommending STATIONERY SHOP…. nobody in our book club liked it…..

CourtVaderBooks says:

I read A Silent Voice which is a manga. It was pretty great.

Dr. Amna Saeed says:

Great to have you back Hannah! ❤

Don't.:ask says:

hannah I started the stationary shop two days ago because of you and you should've given me a warning I cried for 2 hours but wow is this book amazing


I am undergoing a reading slump and I have tried various methods to get back to reading and Even took a break of one and a half month and tried writing and journaling instead but nothing seems to work… can you please help me out and suggest what to do?

Lizrwriter says:

You should try Baye Hartshorne's Ghosted The Treason House Trilogy Book 1.Really great romance

allipi says:

i read “after dark” by haruki murakami recently and would highly recommend :>

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