My Top 10 SCI-FI COMICS | PART 1 | The Honorable Mentions

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We polled and you asked for our Top 10 Sci Fi Comics! But there were many, so we polled again and you asked for two separate videos. So here we have the first of them: 10 honorable mentions that precede our list of our favorite science fiction comics, the ones that came so very close and may yet one day claim a spot in the Top 10!

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Mehernosh Tarapore says:

Valerian and laureline by pierre christin an mezzeres

Mehernosh Tarapore says:

The metabarons saga by Alejandro jordowksy and Juan gimenz the incal by Alejandro jordowksy and moebius technopreists by jordowksy

Zachle Mentor says:

I wish Nexus by Mike Baron was mentioned on a top 10 list. That is a good example too of a sci fi/superhero comic.

Diptarup Ghosh Dastidar says:

Well I'd say one way of differentiating Science Fiction and Superheroes is to consider the former as a genre and the latter as a trope (rather than a genre)! I really love everytheing by Brian K. Vaughan and "Saga" was the first series by him that I read… Although I have only till the TPB Volume 5!

Shu 04 says:

I really love ‘Digitek’! ❤️

Thorfinn Vinland Saga says:

2001 nights is a sci-fi masterpiece

x says:

You're simply a brilliant presenter. Would be glad for you to be totally prolific with your output of content!

Hamid Hussain says:

Your videos are brilliant and take a much more sophisticated nuanced approach to comics. It is so refreshing to find a comics based youtuber with taste. Thank you so much for these videos they are amazing!

Gedo van der Zee says:

a nice suggestion for your Sci-Fi collection is The Trigan Empire, maybe I have overlooked them in your shelf tour

Matheus Moreira says:

Have you read Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou? Somewhat like Rust, it is set on a post apocalyptic world that is actually quiet bucolic. It's a light and peaceful read, although a bit melancholic.

About Planetes, I like it a lot too. It's sci fi, but in some decades maybe it won't be sooo "fi" anymore, isn't it? Very cool.

Thx for the video!

Peter Strianus says:

Your preparation, dedication it's incredible. I can't even imagine how much money you spend. This channel deserves much more because you put out really masterpieces and variations not only dudes beating each others (apparently this is the other channels propose).
The only way I'm trying to help you is to watch every advertise they put till the end. This is the minimum I can do.

XYZ33 says:

Wathing this it feels like I been live inside a box. Saga is the only one I have heard earlier of those 11. At least Incal, Rust and Top Ten goes to my list of comics I am going to read/buy. Seven first Saga albums are on their way (with Yojimbo and others)… found first 12 pages of Book 1 from internet and it looked funny and weird. If storyline turn out to be good then that series is keeper.

Anand Babu says:

your videos are so informative! hope you do more on classic comicstrips like walt skeezix, popeye and orphan annie and kin-der-kids. oh also dick tracy.these are rare/super expensive and not available online to read. would be awesome if you could get these to show us 😀

Berren says:

The Incal is defiantly one I wanted to like, but it's still on my shelf only half finished.

اخوكم من العراق says:

What your thought on cerebus ?

Light Yagami says:

Awesome video!
Can't wait for the next one.
So I checked out Rust and since last year they released the fourth volume.
You can complete it now.

sleepyreader666 says:

I love Top Ten! Glad you mentioned it.

Gio Ravalico says:

Planetes is so great! So glad I got both omnibuses, the second one is woefully out of print.

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