My Thoughts on the 2020 Romance Releases I've Read So Far

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Emily Rogers says:

I added Release by Aly Martinez to my TBR list. Tfs.

In Love & Words says:

OMG you read so many new books!

Also – too much consent????

Kamila says:

Wondering if you've read 'The Predator" by RuNyx. I think it might be sth for you and wondering what your opinion would be.

Jess in Romancelandia says:

The Worst Best Man is on my TBR! I tried to read Credence because I enjoyed Birthday Girl a lot but oh my god I could not. I didn’t struggle with it quite as much as I did Bully (I’m veryyyy picky when it comes to reformed bully love stories though, so that’s more on me than on the book) but I couldn’t really get into it. I always keep an eye out for Penelope Douglas though, there’s no one like her!

Claudiap89 says:

Some of these feel like forever ago and it’s only April. 😅🤦🏽‍♀️

ItsRachelC says:

I don’t think I’ve had many 5 star new releases this year either 😕 The only one I can actually remember is the newest Rebecca Yarros.

Rachel Sings says:

Don’t you just hate when there’s “too much consent”?? 😂😂😂

English literature Resolution Namita Bikaner says:

In this time of quarantine I read Kill switch lovedit.The shaving scene was swoon-worthy.Read Vicious, Angry God Preety Reckless, Midnight Blue and fell in Love with L.J.Shen, Pestilence,Stay with me,Stuck Up suit,Hideaway,The Kiss thief,the list goes on, currently onWar.All ur recommendations.Thank u please keep making such videos.Whenever I want to read a book I look for ur recommendations.

life is great says:

how can u get sent free copies of the books to review??

Valexa Hernandez Angel says:

Can I just say I love your videos and recommendations! Thank you so much for them!

That being said, how do you determine what rate to give a book? This may be a dumb question but I feel like I give 5 stars to alot of books lol

Daniela Nina Reads says:

I'm currently reading The Honey-Don't List, I'm at the beginning and so far so good, I went into it with pretty low expectations because of the lukewarm reviews :- ) I loved this kind of summary of new releases and your thoughts on them :- )

books-on-a-wire says:

I was so disappointed by Undercover Bromance. The Russian is getting his own story?! I thought he was just put in there for not-so-much comic relief. I think I'll have to wait on reviews for that one instead of preordering.

Bryn Digs Books says:

Love this! I’m so behind on romances I haven’t read any of these. Definitely just added a few to my list.

Raffaela E says:

I liked Release. Was a good story. The secrets were good twists. I just finished Cherry Beats and Dirty Rock by Vicki James. Both are rockstar romances. Loved them!!!

Melissa Palmer says:

I love BDB … I’m reading prisoner of the night- not BDB but set in the same world.
Three jR ward books before I’m going to read the sinner

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