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✄ Edited by: Chris Pearless

⁂ Chapters:
00:00 Intro
01:14 Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes
02:41 Quidditch / Ronald Weasley
05:06 History of Hogwarts
07:57 Newt Scamander / Flourish & Blotts
08:56 Fantastic Beasts Wands
09:33 Ministry / Professor Umbridge
12:02 Miscellaneous
13:49 House Points Counter
14:11 Yule Ball
15:38 Dark Arts
16:25 Golden egg
16:39 Knight Bus
17:18 Top Trunk
17:32 Gringotts
19:08 Honeydukes
20:44 Crimes of Grindelwald
22:47 Horcrux
24:43 Fantastic Beasts
27:22 Original Harry Potter Books
28:59 Misc Potions
29:41 Cursed Child
31:32 Philosopher’s Stone
32:52 Misc Books
34:09 Potions shelf
35:34 Harry Potter Wands
36:12 Divination
36:48 More Misc books
37:19 Little Trunk
37:36 Even More Misc books
37:47 Golden Snitch
37:57 Magical Books
38:32 Douglas
39:03 More Misc Books
39:23 Slughorn’s Hourglass
39:49 Outro

Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)

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This video is not sponsored, and all opinions are my own.


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The Faerie of Mars says:

I love the WW, Divination, Fantastic Beasts, Hogwarts History (gold red theme) and the nostalgic one with Harry and Hagrids Philosopher’s Stone 😍

Tavisha Wadhwa says:

I really love your organising skills and I also really wish I had a collection like yours
Btw love your merch

Cassandra Smith says:

I loved the two subscription boxes you did, you’re so amazing at prop replicas. Do you think you’d do another one?

Sophia biblio.sophia says:

My favourite is the Luna Lovegood/Honeydukes shelf.😍

Askja Bjargey says:

Remember last year you said you were going to fix riita skeeter bug 🐛thing cus it's blue 💙

astreet26 says:

You and me, pilchards for tea!

Anna Liina says:

Wow, this is wonderful bookshelf. I feel like you are really witch, Cherry!😉

Liz M says:

We the people demand an eyeliner tutorial! Ok that was a bit extra lol but seriously your eyeliner is always so perfect!

celebrities_ tiktok says:

pls do more diy Harry Potter merchandise!!!! 🙂

Keeper Of The Flame says:

I really adore your accent…and love your shelfs…so organised….and I'm a potterhead too

Gabriella Cochran says:

Love these videos, you got me into collecting, I only have the books and a few patches (including your herbology club one) and these videos help me write down different stores and things I want to collect. Question where did you get your tiny niffler in the the trunk? It's so cute.

Elise Dewaele says:

Where is the wand from dumbeldore in fantastic beast

Sofia Moretti says:

24 years since 1997

Jenna Richardson says:

How did you get the Philosopher’s stone?…

Alice says:

I LOVE the minalima illustrated editions. I was collecting the Jim Kay ones then I saw that minalima ones….. Imma spend a lot of money

Jemma Dobby&Griffin says:

I'll never own as much as you do but we do both have Lego moaning Myrtle 😅

darkway says:


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