My Favorite Mystery, Thriller, & Horror Books of 2020

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It’s time to get all spooky and murder-y up in this ish… it’s my best Mystery/Thriller/Horror reads for 2020!

Lipstick: Extra Saucy by Dose of Colors
Books Mentioned (all links are affiliated):

PARTNERS IN CRIME by Agatha Christie –
N OR M? by Agatha Christie –
THE SHADOWS by Alex North –
THE PALE HORSE by Agatha Christie –
ONE BY ONE by Ruth Ware –
THE MAN IN THE BROWN SUIT by Agatha Christie –



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Theresa Emig says:

Did you include the link to your interview with Grady Hendrix? You said you would but I don’t see it. Maybe I’m just missing it. I love him & would love to watch the interview.

Kathleen K says:

I agree so hard on one by one!! Absolutely loved it!! Not as much of a fan of her back list so far as this has been the best one

Billy Justus says:

"Southern Book Club" was a very pleasant surprise this year! I didn't expect the humor. I picked up "The Eighth Detective" at your req, and it was definitely solid. Glad you're going to do more Ruth Ware. She's my contemporary favorite mystery/thriller writer.

Wilde Book Garden says:

ooh I am so intrigued by The Eighth Detective! maybe I'll read a few more mysteries before I get to it though so I can better appreciate the commentary
I am just slowly getting into mysteries which has been fun, but I actually have 2 horror books on my favorites list this year, which is shocking since I don't generally read or enjoy that genre! they're both very popular so nothing new here, but I really loved Small Spaces by Katherine Arden and Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

neatodude333 says:

The woman in cabin 10 was the only good book by ruth ware I've read.. and that might have been based on the setting alone.

Cote Moraga says:

Happy new year, I thought you read The Broken Girls this year or was it last year? I really liked that book, I added a few more to my tbr for this year, thanks for the recommendations

Dane Reads says:

Have you read all of Christie's books yet? I've officially finished all the ones she did under her own name and so I'm working on the Westmacotts 😀

WomanVsBooks says:

I have When No One is watching on my TBR for February 😊

KristensFamily says:

You should read The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware. That’s my favorite of hers. Great pacing and page turner for sure!

Missy Thornback says:

Each time you mention your love of the trope of "friends trapped somewhere together and one of them is murdered so they have to figure out who did it" I kept thinking would Mara love the "Among us" computer game? Among us is literally that trope gamified.

Jennie C says:

You may enjoy, The Mystery of Mrs. Christie. The author takes on the mystery of Agatha's disappearance.

rymh says:

Happy New Year Mara! Thank you so much for your channel, it really helped me a lot this year during lockdown and helped spark me get back into reading in a big way ^_^ I think my favourite mysteries of this year were: The Honjin Murders by Seishi Yokomizo, a recently translated classic Japanese locked room mystery and An English Murder by Cyril Hare (which I thought was very poignant to read during Brexit times).

booksandbrews says:

I totally agree about One by One! I happened to read it after seeing your review for it, so i knew it was more mystery than thriller and it was such a good time

Serenity Reads says:

I am so excited to get 8Th Detective from my library. I too have every single Agatha Christie, but I find it very intereting how different our preferences are within her oeuvre! Although I do really enjoy N or M I don't rate either Pale Horse or Man in the Brown Suit (although I loved it in my teens). I also adore closed circle mysteries and had heard a lot of negtive reviews about One by One, but your explanation makes me want to give it another shot. Thanks.

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