My Big Literature Prejudices

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In this #booktube video, I mention two kinds of books I don’t read a lot of: YA novels and romance novels. Maybe I’m old! Maybe I’m a prude! But help me by suggesting some new YA and Romance novels that will help me get over my biases.

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Amrita by the Book says:

aw, you're allowed to dislike sex scenes, romancelandia is a big tent – and i say that as someone who does like the steamy bits. My favorite "clean" romances are Georgette Heyer for historical romance and Betty Neels for Harlequin romances with a strong medical setting. If you like a little murder with your romance, i suggest MM Kaye and Mary Stewart who wrote some wonderful romantic thrillers with nothing explicit. in contemporary romance, most clean romances as they're called tend to be more tied to Christian lit so if you're not into that, you might have to filter for that. I haven't read Debbie Macomber in years but I know she writes clean/wholesome romance.
as for YA, it's not really my field but a book I really want to read and have seen reviewed everywhere that fits your description would be Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas about a trans kid who summons a ghost and can't get rid of it.

Eric says:

I read Ayn Rands Anthem in middle school and I can’t read any YA without being bored, that book still haunts me

A.J L says:

I have no suggestions, but sex scenes are weird to read!

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