Murder Mystery Netflix Review

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Check out Pay or Wait’s thoughts on the new #Netflix film #MurderMystery. Watch Pay or Wait’s #MurderMystery Netflix Review!

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Dorothy Sargasso says:

Ok, came for the review but stayed for the make-up. Don't get me wrong, the review was great but those colors on you are beyond words

GypsyGirl A2 says:

My mama and I watched this today while doing face masks and having white wine – we laughed so hard maybe the premise is so ridiculous you have to crack a smile then it turns into a grin then a full blown belly laugh. I cant believe I liked this movie as much as I did. Truly

MiL_BoT says:

Just caught it Netflix Fun movie, Love it!!

Kasey D says:

Adam Sandler is that guy! Haven’t seen this yet, but looking forward to it

Ambiance says:

I have to say i was pleasantly surprised i was hesitent when I saw that it was an Adam Sandler movie to be honest but it was entertaining greetings from Sweden

sharazisspecial says:

Was great but got boring towards the end

serenityq26 says:

movie was great

Ricky Jay says:

Hey girl! This movie was exactly like you said. I had a good time watching it. Very well done with believable interaction between Sandler and Aniston. Lots of very funny dialog.

quinton washington says:

Currently watching the movie and yep i see what you mean

Music Lover says:

Adam Sandler the meyerowitz stories is a good movie on Netflix

belvy2012 says:

Great review! This was definitely better than expected. I enjoyed it. Funny not over the top comedy … well balanced.

sammijo125 says:

This movie had a lot of laughs. Which was surprising given his last Netflix movie. But most importantly, Sharronda, am I going to see Shaft or is it a Snakes on a Plane situation?

Mr. Lee III says:

Mr. Lee, Third of My Name: At 7:00p.m. Eastern Standard Time I saw this movie for free ladies and gentlmen. This NetFlick movie was very entertaining. The movie was well written. The casting, story line, character development, and acting was beautiful. Murder Mystery was very balance with comedy and mystery with great setting in Europe. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston had great chemistry in the film. I had a lot fun watching this movie. I give this NetFlick movie an A. Good day.

QCM says:

I think this is the 1st movie that he didn't give all of his friends a part in……Lmao "You can do it" 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂

Movie Fan says:

I watched this movie it’s so good I love the library scene and it’s very twisty

Dimeji O. says:

2 adults in an airplane bathroom should have only one outcome 😂

fairlyliterary says:

I identified with Audrey. Also, Adam Sandler and decent movie haven't been in the same sentence in a long time

liz hudson says:

I’ll have to check this one out.

Dimeji O. says:

Guess I'll add this to the watch list. Thx!!

Journey Through 30 says:

I agree on the beautiful location! Monaco is on my travel list now, lol. I haven't seen a murder mystery in a while so the comedy spin was good

R Whitling says:

My Grandson was spending the night and really wanted to watch this movie. Whereas, I don’t think it will get 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, I thought the movie was cute. Maybe it was because I was watching it with an 8 year old or my own inner child, I found it entertaining and worth my 1:37 of time. I am glad I was able to watch it on Netflix, however, rather than paying $20(+/-) a ticket at a theater.

Sharronda, I liked your review. It was good without going over board, which was fitting of the movie. Do you think the very last scene was suggesting a possible sequel? Hummm?

Uncle Dave74 says:

They Should Play More Movies Together.. Another Wonderful REVIEW…

Marschru Schrybul says:

Off topic but that eye shadow looks really good on you

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