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♣ The Familiars by Stacey Halls – February 19th 2019
♣ Inspection by Josh Malerman – April 23rd 2019
♣ Growing Things by Paul Tremblay – July 2nd 2019

♣ Us – March 22, 2019 
♣ Pet Cemetery – April 5, 2019 
♣ Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark – August 9, 2019
♣ In the Tall Grass – 2019?
♣ The Lighthouse – 2019?

TV Shows
♣ True Detective – Out now
♣ I am the Night – January 28, 2019
♣ Locke & Key – 2019?
♣ N024A2 – 2019?

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W R says:

No Ari Aster’s Midsommar?? Shame.

Gabi X says:

The Invited by Jennifer McMahon
The Institute by Stephen King
Cardinal Black by Robert McCammon
Cari Mora by Thomas Harris
Violet by Scott Thomas
Full throttle short stories by Joe Hill
Malorie – sequel to Bird Box by Malerman
The Augguries by Cottman
Interference sequel to Semiosis by Sue Burke , this one is Sci-Fi
Crowfall by Ed McDonald the third book in Raven Mark trilogy, this one is fantasy. Not a fan of the genre , but i love this series.
As a New York-er i have to get A Bloody Business by Dylan Struzan about gangsters in the prohibition era of USA / New York.
I already boughy Inspection by Mallerman but still waiting on the shelf.
Pumped for all the movies you listed.

amberinoface says:

Joe Hill adaptations made your list a few times because he co-wrote In The Tall Grass apparently. I didn't know Locke&Key was being adapted and that has me excited. Also, it did have a full-cast audio version sometime around the end of the series.

Carissa Quinn says:

I absolutely loved A Head Full of Ghosts.

leslieisepic says:

Ooh, I'm intrigued about the new Josh Malerman. I loved Bird Box a lot (read it in one or two sittings around a year or two ago), but haven't read anything else by him. If his writing is as brilliant as it was in Bird Box in Inspection, then I'd love to read it.

leslieisepic says:

I saw a trailer for Pet Sematary yesterday when I went to see Escape Room (which I really enjoyed as far as thrillers go and will be disappointed if there isn't a sequel because the ending set the stage for another to follow it). Anyway, back on topic, the Pet Sematary trailer looked really good and I definitely want to watch it when it's released (I haven't seen the original film or read the book, but I kind of want to read it).

Literary Epiphanies says:

I loved A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay, I recommend starting there. I also just finished Cabin at the End of the World which was also an enjoyable ride.

Dawn Kurtagich says:

The Familiars sounds intriguing! Hadn't heard of it, so thank you! Very excited for Inspection by Josh Malerman and Growing Things by Paul Tremblay. My third horror comes out this year too and I'm SO EXCITED!!! It's called TEETH IN THE MIST and it's a YA feminist Faustian novel.

I think 2019 is going to be absolutely amazing in terms of film. We have so much to look forward to! And I didn't realise we were getting Locke & Key but I'm here for it. Very cool video. Here's to a horror-filled fiction 2019!

Nicole Long says:

True Detective is amazing, great actors, but it is slooow! I’m trying to hang in there! LOVE Locke&Key!

Damien Roberts says:

100% agree about True Detective; so far much better than season 2, but I'm worried about the pacing given all the information we got in two episodes.

Kim E says:

I think Growing Things was a part of Head Full of Ghosts. I wonder if it will reference it. I need to read Scary Stories! Now that I'm older and might not be as horribly affected lol.

Lyndsay Jones says:

I don't mean to hi-jack the comments section, but can anyone recommend any other good booktubers? I've watched Katie's videos for years, really into the psychological thriller type books…but every other booktuber I've tried to watch just seem to review/talk about YA novels. HELP?!
PS. love your videos Katie!

Amanda says:

Do you do podcasts? There are some great ones like Limetown and Rabbits.

Paper Faerie says:

Oooh I had to read the book that the Christina Ricci movie is based on for English class, and I'm so excited about the movie! The original Pet Semetary movie freeeeaked me out as a kid, so I can't wait for the new one. Also here for Chris Pine.

Mark S says:

Pet Sematary is a great book, one of my favorites from King … I didn't find it scary, but a great story. (Note that Sematary is intentionally misspelled)

Pearce GreatestEverLeftBack says:

New books from The Chalk Man author C J Tudor coming out in February… They'll definitely be worth reading 😎👍🏼

Zelda Reben says:

You should check out "Unbury Carol" by Josh Malerman!! 🙂

faithoryx says:

Start with Head Full of Ghosts!

jennafra says:

I think you would enjoy head full of ghosts by Paul Tremblay.

Brooke M says:

gasp I loved loved NOS-4R2 and I love Zachary Quinto!! I'm so excited!

Krysten Ervin says:

Okay, for Tremblay, i'd skip Disappearance At Devils Rock and go straight on to A Head Full Of Ghosts and The Cabin At The End Of The World. Both of those were fucking phenomenal.

And you haven't even seen the old Pet Sematary movie?? Wtf? Lol. It's on Prime, go watch it. It's so good. It's a classic for a reason. You have to forgive some of the costume and makeup stuff but it is so entertaining.

Bárbara Széchy says:


Tranquil Reader says:

There are some interesting ones in here, thanks! : D

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