more f/f books that don't suck (cc)

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eliesundesastre says:

You see, sometimes I feel I little self conscious about reading too much m/m. I gave up reading straight stuff in my teens, and now I want everything to be gay and fun and cool and have action at the same time. Unluckly for me, I can't find many sapphic books that arn't… bland. I may have read six good, exciting, somewhat steamy lesbian books, and that's a low number. So I'm really looking forward to read your recs!!! God knows there's only some much lesbian character deprivation one can take

Juliette Veronica says:

This is probably gonna sound offensive, but that cover for Seven Blades in Black looks like a thumbnail to an Onision video of him having a mental crisis🤣.

Pastel Pineapple says:

me the whole time paying attention to her hair


(also ty for this video!)

tahmida says:

many great books just one problem

i don't have the money to get them

ANNAnas says:

Me: oh this sounds like a good video
Also me: remembers that I'm writing a f/f book right now*. *gets scared mine will suck bc it looks pale in comparison to all of these

Jake Colts says:

Who is here after reading. In The Closet: A Gay Romance by Ecops Dee on Amazon Kindle.

𝓦𝓱𝓸 𝓪𝓶 𝓘? says:

Gideon the ninth is great

𝓦𝓱𝓸 𝓪𝓶 𝓘? says:

Seven blades in black


E says:

Ok I'm glad you mentioned Gideon the Ninth! I'm crazy about that series right now.

Like, I rarely buy physical copies but I'm currently ordering Gideon the Ninth and the sequel. It has everything I want from a book including the main character being a lesbian, grand scale scifi fantasy, and great fight scenes

Grace Blocher says:

Fuck now I gotta add like 10 books to my tbr pile

Dr Tiga says:

Okay so I've been looking for a Sapphic booktuber for a while now and I think my dream has finally come true 💜 instasub!

Val P says:

Crier’s War is so good!! I can’t wait for the next book!

Mae Mae says:

I like your sweater where did you get it?

Percy Brazier says:

Criers war
Gideon the ninth
Tarnished are the stars
Seven blades in black
This is how you lose the time war
Queen of eflaria
Ice massacre
The dark wife
Watch the video so you have an idea of what the books are about, and support this creator because she is really great for making this content 🙂 thank you!!

aptasi/competencefantasy says:

The queen of Ieflaria is everything I have ever wanted.

Fefe-Callo says:

Omg you should pick up Bloody Rose by Nicholas Eams. The saphic romance is so tender!!! And youll love all the characters and their found family! Only its the sequel tho. It almost has a different set of characters from the firtst but the first one is also super good and funny and emotional!

MrARCN7 says:

This Channel is almost as wholesome as SteveMREInfo

nikolettapr says:

Ooooo great recommendations video!!! May I also say that your sweater is soooo cool!!! Can you please tell me where did you get it from?? 😍😍

jessi says:

bro i found your channel recently and i love how lgbt books are a big part of your content as i’ve been struggling to find ones i like so ty ilyyy <3

balls lol says:

it never fails to amaze me how many f/f books are just awful and poorly written like it’s lowkey so hard to find a good one

Sasha Zatz says:

I added all the ones that weren't already on my list to my list, hopefully will buy them soon! I LOVEEEE Crier's War, Girls of Paper and Fire and The Midnight Lie 🙂

Sasha Zatz says:

the dark wife will only be your fave until Lancelot and Guinevere endgame 🙂

Sasha Zatz says:

I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! Ty for your service to the sapphic book community ilysm x

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