Microsoft Surface Book Long Term Review: 2.5 Months Later

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Lisa Gade revisits the Microsoft Surface Book, Microsoft’s first laptop that’s also a tablet with pen. When we first reviewed the Surface Book at the end of October 2015, it had early release issues since it was the first Intel Skylake laptop to ship with Windows 10. We look at how the Core i7 with NVIDIA graphics and the Core i5 without dedicated graphics have progressed as Microsoft has released driver and firmware updates. Lisa covers battery life, display driver stability, MS Edge web browser, Connected Standby/sleep and more. She also compares it to a four competitors currently on the market. If you’d like to see the Surface Book smack down a laptop that we haven’t yet done, drop a line in the comments section.

The Surface Book starts at $1,499 for the Core i5 model and the dedicated graphics option and Core i7 bring the price closer to $2,000. The NVIDIA dedicated graphics are in the base of the machine and they offer double the performance of Intel HD 520 graphics, but as an NVIDIA 940M equivalent, fall short of higher end gaming GPUs like the GTX 960M. If gaming is one of your goals, go for the dedicated graphics, otherwise save some cash and go with integrated-only graphics.

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