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LITERAL BOOK TITLE FUN! Enjoy! Thanks for watching!!

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Scipio Art says:

“Jason Grace continues to be useless” xD

Karin Markendahl says:

Waiting for the grisha trilogy!

The Demigod Of the sea says:

The PJO and HOO books were amazing #TEAMPERCY

shaneigh says:

can we get part 4 of this?

The Only Blue Corn Scone says:

But when was Jason EVER useful? Other than for being the one getting knocked in the head?

Jason Noury says:

Hamlet is sooooo true. That’s what I posted about it when I finished it. Lol

vsAyaTaha عمو محماا says:

That's really really REALLY hilarious…
LOVE this video 😂

Ethriel101 says:

I just did a video where I review the books I read in 10 words or less. After watching this video I realize they are just "literal titles". Lol. Great video.

Matilda Hill says:

I don't even know I love everyone-so accurate!!

Jack says:

polandbananas please do the human race a favor and get your tubes tied. Your intelligence is like a tiny pearl at the bottom of the Marriana Trench.

The one active brain cell in your blonde nebulous brain drove you to make this video… that you thought would be funny.

Among the collection of garbage that your bottom feeding brain just displayed, was William Shakespeare. And you're dumb enough to insult him.

Please never do that again.

You and your pathetic channel as well as (someday) your idiotic offspring will fade and be buried by the sands of time, Shakespeare will not. Shakespeare is immortal. And your tiny bird brain is unworthy of comprehending his works.

For goodness sake read something less brain dead, like The Citadel by Archibald Joseph Cronin.

Don't continue your intellectual path down to the level of the characters from Idiocracy.

Jozua Patalan says:

The romeo and juliet title though… Sounds like a headline😂

marierose107 says:

Lost Hero literal book title alternative: Where the fuck is Percy?

Sofia Costopoulos says:

“jason grace continues to be useless”

Maliat Tahiat says:

that shatter me one was just soo😂🤣😂🤣

Guiana Wacas says:

"Mother Nature is a bitch" I like that lol

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