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My review of Leviathan Wakes, the first in The Expanse Series!
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Amber R says:

I cannot wait for you to get to book 5 of the series. Nemesis games is the best

Shannon Reed says:

Finally! One of my favorite series!

neuroticgothguy says:

if you like/loved The Expanse series, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you check out The Commonwealth Saga (Pandora's Star and Judas Unchained) by Peter F Hamilton. Simply put one of the best if not THE best space opera written, so expansive and fantastic world building.

Elgin Howell says:

Yeah a friend of mine recommended LWakes to me and a friend because we both liked Firefly. My friend found it too dense and I wait for every release. So there you go. I get the complaints. I get not giving it your strongest recommendation. It all definitely gets better especially with the addition of a couple of characters in the second book one of which is so important they added a bunch of her in the TV series before she appears in the book.

Dawn Schoonover says:

The thing with the Expanse series, is that it is so EPIC that I find it hard to remember the events and which book they happened in. Just so much stuff happens that its hard to think 'oh yeah book one is where Eros happens' because so much happens in book one that isn't Eros, and in later books Eros is a blip that everything that was a smaller deal I have trouble thinking about.

William Alarie says:

you say this story is epic, even a little bit of "biting off more than you can chew", for both author and reader….


would you say that this story could be considered……… expansive ……?

RitaSnow says:

One thing to know is each book introduces new characters with Holden and his crew being the main overall characters in the series.

RitaSnow says:

This is that rare series where both the novels and tv show are both very good.

James V says:

The Expanse is so great to read. The show is complete trash in comparison, but I don't regret watching it because otherwise I never would have read it. The guy who reads the audiobooks does an amazing job, too.

Eric Stodolnik says:

Also, I think you’re really going to love the other books in the series and you’re gonna find the authors really find their footing and whatever you saw as predictable and downsides to this first book gone in the latter books. They are pretty different from this first book… mainly none of the other books just have 2 POV narratives, the later books all have at least 4 POV character narratives running through the book. Holden being the only main character who is a constant as a POV character in every book.

Eric Stodolnik says:

*authoS (them/their)… James S.A. Corey is Ty Frank and Daniel Abraham… (and FYI, Ty Frank was actually George R.R. Martin’s assistant for a long time before getting together with Daniel Abraham and turning his world building for The Expanse which originally started as a Video Game idea into the series of novels and eventually the amazing TV series)… Also, I am a HUGE fan of The Expanse, both the novels AND the show, and I CAN’T FUCKING WAIT for Book 9! The finale of the series! FUCKING STOKED!!!!

Alex Cook says:

Half way though Cibola Burn, back to the series and then expecting a shit to go down hard in Nemeis Games

Stephen Denning says:

The show is way better. The authors (Ty Frank and Daniel Abraham) are staff writers on the show and it covers more characters earlier in the story.

Tony Hind says:

Bought it but not read it yet. I have watched the TV show. Will now read the book.

Brad says:

This was the first sci-fi book I read (although, I technically listened to it) and my god, I fell in love with it. I've always loved sci fi and space opera movies, this was a real surprise and I'm currently thrilled by listening to Caliban's War too

Bowan Toia says:

Love your content and I am mostly a Science fiction reader now an indepth review of a science fiction book, it only gets better.
Keep up the great work.

Darren Garoutte says:

I got through about half of the audiobook. I liked the Holden sections, but Miller sections dragged for me as it felt like an old detective novel spliced into the sci-fi narrative that also didn't feel like sci-fi when the story cut back to it. If you want some good modern sci-fi I'd recommend The Lost Fleet by Jack Campbell.

yensid says:

The authors of TheExpanse series wrote each book in a slightly different "genre" style. So the 1st is a detective/noire & the 4th is a western. You get a lot more character development in the books & the show has changd some pretty significant aspects of the books that I felt changed certain characters motivations & growth. Julie Mao isn't the answer to everything, she was just the plot device used to bring the characters together since her father's company was responsible for the discovery & experimentation with protomolecule. Keep reading 😀

david f says:

I think Perrin should welcome being a wolf brother a little easier with the help of Elyas. picture flashes from wolves or just looks maybe a constant wolf companion like hopper to serve as a relay. does anyone get Aiel humor?

Ae Ce says:

Try the BobbiVerse

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