Leviathan Wakes (Spoiler Free) | REVIEW

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In which I discuss Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey…

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voxxbg says:

I started reading this book and i absolutely hate the writing and the conversations are really anoying. Honestly, I am a picky reader, but still I don't know if I should continue, does it get better?

Brechje Bakker says:

I love the fact that gravity is a character in itself, and that the tech is limited by it in significant ways.

Alex Wilson says:

Thanks for your thoughts! I'm reading it at the moment, although I already watched the first two series on Netflix!

I understand where you're coming from with the female character thing, although at lease in the case of Miller, I think it develops his character more than anything. It shows MIller's obsessive side and him cracking up to a greater or lesser degree, and considering Julie didn't have much time in person, she is naturally going to be more of a motivator than a character. Saying that, she could be both, take some time, like in the Netflix series, to go and develop her a little more!

Чингиз Сабденов says:

Julie Mao' character is really just not that present in the story. What we see from inside of Miller's head is just his away to motivate himself and more importantly to keep himself attached to humanity after he lost such connections in real life. So it's a good writing, imo.

Krazykov says:

Nice book collection, just found your channel. Thinking of buying this book!

ZFlyingVLover says:

Humans have populated parts of the galaxy just being on earth! What you mean is SOLAR SYSTEM. GALAXY assumes humans are interplanetary at a minimum

Zoltán Szászi says:

Nice review but in the intro you keep saying galaxy, humanity spreading to the galaxy, Holden and the crew hauling ice into different parts of the galaxy. It's just the solar system! Sorry for the nitpicking.

One more thing, and I'll try to keep this very spoiler-free, but far be it from me to defend male dominance in books, I'm an avid supporter of bringing more very human female characters into popular culture, but poor Julie of course isn't a character of her own, she's an enigma, she lives on as an impression, a memory, a goal, a dream. She's one thing to her family and another to Holden & Co. and of course we know she's an entirely other thing to Miller. Call it an obsession or pure love but she's not there, she's not a physically active character, she's an ideal, so of course she'll become idealized in Miller's eyes.

Look I think although Julie Mao technically appears in this book in the intro, she's very much the Rhaegar Targaryen of this series. Isn't she? She's a distant ideal, she appears as an idealized memory, she's mostly present through her impact on other characters' stories. Much like Rhaegar Targaryen in ASIOAF, who's dead but still very present throughout the world the characters are in.

Also, Naomi is an awesome competent female character, it's a shame we don't get POV chapters with her but anyway, in the female characters department the next book will introduce Bobbie and Avasarala and damn here come the ladies and they come to rule.

Let's Read says:

I did not like the first book but enough people have praised the rest of the series for me to try the second book. The first few pages of Caliban's War were pretty juicy and more to my liking.

RoseBooks says:

Women have a greater role in the next books. Like, surprisingly big, considering the first book. So I hope you continue and enjoy the series.

HotaruRea says:

IT JUST SOLAR SYSTEM NOT GALAXY!!! THAT'S A MAJOR POINT FOR LATER IN THE SERIES!!! BTW the show is much better on female characters because in first book you have 2 male characters and you are in their heads. But in the show you see female characters outside of male gaze but later in the series it gets better because female POVs are introduced(and they are awesome females). I actually didn't like Miller that much in the books, like him so much better in the show. Holden I love on the show but didn't really like him first 2 books. The way he thinks about females in first 2 books is really icky to me. I also dislike the way they handled Julie/Miller and I find that in the show it was lateral move but Julie is much more of a character because you don't see her just through Miller. So I adore Julie in the show but still dislike Miller/Julie and the show is definitely worse about expressing the ickiness of the whole situation, so prepare for that. The books definitely get better as you go along but don't expect too much of actual aliens.

long after the fall says:

so I got the book a while ago since it was going cheap on Amazon thought it might be a good jump into sci-fi. well got a bit in but was getting a little confused. I saw you'd reviewed it and pushed through it a bit more. I'm about 50 pages in so not that far in.
Then tonight rather than reading I decided to watch a Netflix show (haven't seen anything not kid relates on there in a long while) and stumbled upon the expance. I hadn't researched the book and I didn't put 2 and 2 together I was sat like this is so like the book om reading heck this is word for word wait omg this is the book haha. I'm so slow tonight on the plus side it'll be easier to separate the characters a bit more now I've seen and heard the tv ones.

Rihna M says:

All I keep thinking about is your Snapchat story where you have boxes and books everywhere 😂 me last night since I decided to reorganize my shelf too. The stress was so so worth it.

JoshingAbout says:

I've watched both seasons of the TV show and I have the first two books on my TBR and I'm pretty excited to read them, but I'm giving myself some space since I saw the show not too long ago, so hopefully I can go in not comparing it to the show too much. If the show is anything to go by though there are definitely great female characters coming in the second book (assuming each season is equal to one book, I'm not too sure).

yellowsquashbanana says:

I'm in the last few chapters of the book now.

bezerra r says:

now I really really want to read this! i'm a space opera kinda girl and the whole political thing with the different humans from different places sounds really cool

ChaptersWeLove says:

I'm collection a few books first before I start reading the series, I heard good things about the show.

Books Rebound says:

you might like Jim Butchers crime/paranormal series. I've only resd the first book so far but o always hear people talk about it i enjoyed book one. I also LOVE his Cinder Spires book. I'm eagerly awaiting book 2!
After my comment the other day I picking up this book again so I hoping I really do enjoy it

Books Rebound says:

yaaaay I'm stoked to watch this

Last Juliet says:

Sam I love you ,but I don't love science fiction

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