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Answering all the BookTube questions…..
okay not all but A LOT loll

Thank you to everyone who asked questions! I’m sorry I couldn’t get to all of them but I’ll definitely be doing more Q&A’s in the future!

BookTubers Mentioned:
-xreadingsolacex: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-IBgsn5Pohl0cgo3fypbBw
-Ashley Outpaged: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfhM1OTrN9jQMQoPkT0rRWw
-The Novel Sanctuary: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDkZ3rgiT6W6ALYYHuPRxkQ
-Don’t Stop Readin’: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXfNFyQwbaJfgg_mMdEt5bw

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Thank you so much for watching ❤



Victoria Roe says:

Hi Hannah Firstly let me say I love your videos! I want to ask how do you go about approaching a publisher for ARCs? I have a book blog but have no idea how popular it is. I love to read like breathing it feels like a necessity in my life. I have no idea where to start can you offer any tips? X

Sevda cetmiyilmaz says:

You Are a lovely person Hannah.

A. E. Stover says:

The fact that you get hate for being a certain ethnicity is disgusting. 🙁 You don't deserve that (nobody deserves that!) and I'm so happy to see you continuing to be yourself regardless.

Paola Mancera says:

So candor, I love it!!

FortuitusVideo says:

Persians are caucasian. Caucasian literally comes from the Caucasus, a mountain range that reaches into Iran. You're just not European.

CB1 RandomPlayz , says:

You go girl!! Don't let the haters get you down!

Berenice Rodriguez says:

The fact that you’re one of the few popular Booktubers who are POC is really inspiring!

lalitalalita1985 says:

Thanks this is all very informative and eye opening in a way! All the best from Croatia! 🙂

KatieeReads !! says:

I loved this video! Thank you so much!! 💕

belynda reidda says:

It's horrible to think that people could be that racist. You're gorgeous screw them if they make negative comments

Hanna Louise &Tea says:

Your voice, just like Emma said, is so calming. Your videos always make my day!

Aisha LaDon says:

What do you think about nonfiction booktubers. I don't really see any here nor on Instagram? I was really happy to see you here as well. Keep it up, its inspiring.

TheNovelAnnaBella says:

Hi Hannah! I've been watching your videos for a year but only recently started commenting and I loved this video so much. I'm really happy you discussed race/ethnicity/diversity here. As a biracial woman in the US, I've always been forced to read books with characters who will never face some of the things that I have faced. It gets frustrating to read something and never see myself represented. In the media, biracial people are seen even less than people of color. I watch you because your videos are well thought out, and I trust your opinions.

I'm a grad student at King's College London, and my research focuses on the intersections of race and feminism and how the lack of diversity negatively impacted the Women's Liberation Movement. I love that you study Women, Gender & Sexuality. I love that even though we don't know each other, we can relate on many shared experiences.

I don't watch your videos JUST because you are a woman of color in the US. I watch your videos because I like YOU, and I like you because I feel like we connect over many things. I know this is a long comment, so I will stop writing now, but thank you very much for addressing race and ethnicity and know I'm following strong and love all your videos and you as a person. xx

Nubian Review says:

I love your videos, keep doing a great job!

Lindsey Medlen says:

You are amazing 💗

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