Learn English through Story. Jane Eyre. Level 0. Audiobook

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Time: The 1830s. Place: The north of England.

Most people lived in the countryside. Rich people had large houses and many servants.

Rich children learned their lessons in their homes. A teacher lived in their house.

Some poor children lived in schools. Some of these schools were very bad. The buildings were cold and uncomfortable. These children did not have enough food.

In the story, Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte wrote about her own life.

Jane was unhappy in a bad school. Charlotte was unhappy too. Jane Eyre was not pretty. But she was clever and she was good. Charlotte was not pretty. But she was intelligent and she worked hard.

In the story, Jane Eyre becomes a governess. Charlotte was a governess in the homes of two rich families. She hated the work.

In 1851, there were about 25000 governesses in England.
Many poor women from good families worked as governesses.

They were not married. Governesses were not paid well.


0:00:00 Chapter 1. My Story Begins
0:04:17 Chapter 2. Lowood School
0:10:18 Chapter 3. Thornfield Hall
0:17:14 Chapter 4. Mr. Rochester
0:25:41 Chapter 5. Fire!
0:31:18 Chapter 6. Guests at Thornfield Hall
0:37:27 Chapter 7. A Terrible Night
0:47:03 Chapter 8. In the Garden
0:53:53 Chapter 9. Mr. Rochester’s Wife
1:05:08 Chapter 10. Moor House
1:13:29 Chapter 11. My Story Ends

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