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Today I review a unique book which looks to understand the relationship between Islam and Science. The special part is that I am not reviewing the book alone but the author of the book one of the finest intellectuals in Pakistan and an authority in Physics Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy is discussing his book with me. The name of the book is “Islam & Science, Religious orthodoxy and the battle for Rationality. It is an astounding literature on how Muslim civilization was once a world leader in terms of science, knowledge and wisdom and how it transformed into one of the most backward civilization in the world. Watch and do let me know your feedback.

You can download Free Urdu Version of “Islam & Science by Pervez Hoodbhoy by clicking on the below link.

You can download Free English Version of “Islam & Science by Pervez Hoodbhoy by clicking on the below link.


naziy says:

Shahrukh sir is a treasure..we are proud of you ..

Zaheer Uddin Babar says:

Apart of all the good things proficiently discussed in this session, it is a fact that interviewer is giving directions to interviewee to answer in certain way which is wrong.

Ashok Gupta says:

one of few inteligent,learned, personality of pakistan.

Islamic Thinking TV says:

Enemies of Pakistan love Dr. Hoodbhoy because they understand his preaching will destroy Pakistan. People of his thinking are constantly making sneaky attacks on Islam, giving the impression to the ignorant Muslims that Islam is an impediment to the path of progress and should be stopped. Such people are fifth columnists and are promoted by the enemies of Pakistan. Unfortunately, the "Muslims" who are ignorant of Islam consider him a great patriot, not knowing that such thinking brought destruction to the Muslims in the past. Most of his fans are Muslims who are ignorant of Islam and non-Muslims. That should tell you who he is.

Please watch this video relating to this subject. 
Here is the link:

Raj Hegde says:

Great guest and he is a great teacher Heard the professor videos. He is a fearless guy. Should have been attracted to India long back.

What he says is correct. Your religious and spiritual beliefs should always be challenged with science and questions from time to time then only that civilization will progress.
Blind Islamic doctrines and modern rationalism dont go together 😃😃

Syed Akbar says:

Imam Ghazali
As a Muslim, I can see the real problem of Muslims and Non Muslims. Listening to the vocal and nefarious ordinary Islamic Mullah is really frightening. These people are so far out in the boon-docks that their brains are congealed and petrified. Glorious Islam they dream of and preach that freed humanity from the clutches of Pundit, Priest and Rabbi, established a direct / unequivocal contact between the Creator and its Creation, established sanctity of life by Qasas (it is not blood money, it is to save a life, one life is already lost, why 'waste' another) and much more, was mortally wounded by the assassination of Omar (ra), the First Land Reformer who established Baitul Maal / Public Purse. Othman (ra) dug the grave by appointing his cronies to high offices. Ali (ra) tried to separate Politics from Religion by moving Politics to Kufa. Amir Muawiya (ra) buried the corpse by instituting the hierarchy of appointing his son as Heir Apparent, introducing Monarchy. Islam, the Religion, became covert, spread by individuals and groups by their zeal and personal character.
There are 53 Member States of the OIC. Virtually, all of them, except, perhaps Iran, a Theocracy with a pinch of Democracy, are the Vassals of the WEST.

Muslim, not Arab, Science developed the Experimental Approach based on Evidence, the Hallmark of Modern Science. Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine and Mathematics became the Domains of Muslim Scientists that produced great Scientists and Scientific Breakthroughs. Life of ordinary people became less arduous and more enjoyable, until the bombshell dropped by Imam Ghazali (1055 CE to 1111 CE) who devastated Islam and Muslims Science by misinterpreting the famous Quranic Verse: 21:69
قُلۡنَا يٰنَارُ كُوۡنِىۡ بَرۡدًا وَّسَلٰمًا عَلٰٓى اِبۡرٰهِيۡمَۙ‏ ﴿21:69﴾
We said: O Fire, "Be cool and peaceful with Abraham".Translated by Muhammad Sarwar, However, it was translated that Allah ordered the Fire not to burn Abraham, disregarding the Chemical properties of Fire, subjugated it to the Will of Allah, a Fatalistic Doctrine ensued..

In a remarkable intellectual shift, he concluded that falsafa (which literally means philosophy but included logic, mathematics, chemistry and physics) was incompatible with Islam. Academics have long maintained that the great Islamic theologian single-handedly steered Islamic culture away from independent scientific inquiry towards religious fundamentalism and fatalism.
Experimental Approach to Science that was developed by Muslim Scientists until then, Ghazali, single handedly, killed Scientific Approach to the extent that today's Mullah is instructing young students: If you wish Dunya study Science? However, if you wish Aakherat / Salvation study religion? The famous quotation among IndoPak Muslims is:
ﷲ ﻜﻲﻣﺮﻀﻲﻜﮯﺒﻐﻳﺮﭘﺘﹼﮧﺑﻬﻲﻨﮩﻳﮟﮨﻞﺴﻜﺗﺎ
Allah ki mrzee k beghair patta bhi naheen hill sakta …
without the Will of God/Allah even a leaf cannot flicker.

Dive into ecclesiastics
Find pearls and coral
Delve into Science
Eat dead bones
And sit like a dog
Chewing whole life

ﺍﻮﺮﻜﺘﻮﮟﻜﻲﻄﺮﺡﺑﻳﮣﻬ ﻜﺮ
This fatalistic approach has been devastating Muslims ever since not only in Science but in life. Islamic Mullah continues to desecrate Islam, his Islam cannot reconcile with Modern, Enlightened and Scientific society. Individuals might but collectively Muslims shall remain backward, wretched, and poor. No amount of coaxing, cajoling, or inducement can take these people out of their cave mentality. Recent incident of an IS soldier beheading his mother who had asked him to leave IS, is a prime example. He is the hero of ordinary Muslims the world over, adhering to the Tenet of Abraham / Ibrahim sacrificing Isaac / Ishmael to prove his love, obedience, and loyalty to G_d/God/Allah, disregarding that it never really happened.It was only a dream.
(Allah cannot be that cruel and suffering from inferiority complex to ask such a hideous act from a Believer.)
Alas! No more Science for Muslims. There is not ONE Muslim country out of 53 Members of the IOC that has any reputable Scientific Institution: NONE! Imagine with all that wealth there exists no real Research Facility in any Muslim country. Israel, with a tiny population, produces more highly advanced Scientific and Technical Papers than all the Muslim Community.

Uprising of the ignorant yet vociferous Mullah using modern technologies with Saudi money is to continue exercising strict control, keeping ignorant Muslims even more ignorant.
I am a Scientist. I weep in silence.

Fahad Wasi says:

Professor Hoodboy is actually talking about Musa Al Khawarizmi who was the greatest Muslim mathematician during medivial times. He didn't invent algebra because algebra existed even before Muslims started to work on it. It was Greeks and Romans who were working on algebra before Muslims started to work on it.

According to my limited knowledge and understanding, the Greeks and Romans considered algebra as a part of geometry. algebra and geometry were integral parts of each other ,it was Musa Al Khawarizmi who actually started to work on algebra and he seperated algebra from geometry and treated it as a seperate subject.

He also took Algebra at advance level, but later Omar Al Khayyam became the next Muslim mathematician who took Algebra at further advance level. Omar Al Khayyam actually made 6 different types of quadratic equations which we now study in mathematics.

Also it was these Muslim mathematicians who 1st used algebraic equations to solve different types of problems.

Fahad Wasi says:

Thank you for sharing such useful informative video. It is a historical fact that during medivial times(1000s of years ago), Muslim researchers, mathematicians and scientists were making great progress in their respective fields.

The 1st indologist was a Muslim, an Indologist is a person or scholar who actually studies the history,culture and people of India academically.

The 1st millitary scientist in the world was a Muslim at that time.

The 1st physician in the world was a Muslim at that time.

The person who 1st calculated the area of the earth was a Muslim.

The person who 1st discovered that blood flows in the body of a living being was a Muslim.

The 1st person who calculated the radius of the earth using trignometry was a Muslim.

Ismail Mir says:

Agha khani oud bla Musalman o ke barray Mai misguide kerta hai Musalman agha khan ko Nahi manta

Asthete اردو says:

بدھو لوگ؟؟؟؟ لخ دی لعنت۔۔


How to make electricity form ghosts 😂😂🤣🤣🤣.

Sheeraz Khan says:

Very good brother ❣️ ager comment read krty ho to reply den brother 🥰🥰

Swadesh Taneja says:

Islam looted knowledge from all lands they conquered so it is wrong to call Islam and science.

Salman Ahmed says:

Since he was not inflicted by Islamic teaching can he do 5% of Elon Musk instead of preaching his Atheistic false propaganda against Islam.
He should be capable of solving all the scientific challenges Pakistan faces today.

I am sure He hasn't read the Quran with care he frequently make silly and stupid arguments.

love birds 👫 says:

Meri souch kuch mukhtlif hai … is sadi main ye bat khnay wala ka zaror tmskh urhya jaye ga ..but yeah it is
Meri nzar sy dekhy tu muslmano ny hi akhir traki ke hai ku kai muslmano ny apni akhrat swarny main gusar de or donya tu khair fane sab fna hu jaye ga .. tu kasi yahodeyo ke traqee …

Fatima 1111 says:

Its such a joy.and privilege to sit with such a rational scientist.

Salman Ahmed says:

Sorry question has nothing to do with Islam simple reason to this fact you can check the course material and the procedure on which student goes through in his / her academic career.
There are no career path which would encourage student to be creative and sensing opportunity in a scientific field.

Has any Non-Muslim did a scientific Miracle in a Muslim world answer is none.
You can adopt a Jew and raise him inside Pakistan will raise up ending doing MBA and will be looking to find a JOB in Bank to keep his head above the water during the process he had must have already killed his creative intelligence.

According to Prof. Hoodbhoy the solution is all the Muslim should abandoned his religion and become atheist only then Scientific revolution is possible which I think is a stupid thought.

Jews for example are very dedicated to their religion despite having so much scientific discrepancy in their book.
e.g Gensis
1. Light was created before the SUN
2. Vegetation was created before the SUN how did vegetation survive without SUN as period was long not 24hrs.
3. 100s of mathematical contradiction.
4. 4 Feets of Insect.
5. Earth has Pillars
I can go on and on.
Prof. is ignorant of Islamic History there was a period when Muslim were leading in this field when WEST was in DArk Ages.
All fields of Science were introduced by People believe in religion one way or the other there is not a single field of Science introduced by Atheist ever.
They equate Science with Atheist which is false attribution.
Go 100 years back and ask them to show their contribution in Science Historically.
Even they point some scientist they were Deist not Athiest.

Mukhtar Ahmad says:

Maulvi ko chanda dena band kar do aur ise bas masjid tak mahdood kar do. Agar yeh bara maulvi ban gaya to duniya ke liye musibat ban jayega.

Nasib Singh says:

Very nice video, your are good direction to Pakistan

Ali Ansari says:

Why would you ask an atheist over issues of Muslim ummah?
Just ask him about the area of science he is a specialist in.

Basim Sherazi123 says:

I think Mamoon ur Rashid was the most enlightened ruler in Muslim world.

B. K Thakur says:

Reason and rationality has no religion. Hoodbhoy is also biased here.

Syed Osama says:

He doesn't even understand DARWIN.

Syed Osama says:

Operating Hoodbhoy's goofiness!

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