Is A Discovery Of Witches The Worst Show Ever?

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Adapted from the All Souls book trilogy by Deborah Harkness, A Discovery of Witches is about Diana Bishop, a historian and reluctant witch, who unexpectedly discovers a bewitched manuscript that forces her back into the world of magic. Despite a long mistrust between different magical beings, Diana forms an alliance with a geneticist and vampire named Matthew Clairmont. I review the first season of A Discovery Of Witches and why I feel like this show didn’t live up to the hype.

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Dewarren Price says:

I will be watching the rest of the show to see if this gets any better but the romance part really sucks.

Yloire says:

Watched the show with my friends, we were very hopeful because the show had really good reviews but the moment the random non-sensical romance started we begun to heavily lose interest and it only got worse from there. We eventually dropped it when the "witch air" thingy happened which didn't really impress us even as hardcore fantasy fans.

Joz says:

Yeah you're absolutely right!! The show started off well for the first 2-3 episodes then when they pushed the two of them together romantically is when it basically turned into Twilight and the writing got sloppy and lazy- it's just another example of romance ruining a potentially good story

Cindy Pavin says:

Love this show, but as much as I loved season 1, i loved season 2 Matthew better than season 1 Matthew

Omoniyi Oluwashogo says:

I've watched 2 seasons and I don't see no chemistry seems like she is just in love with the guy's experience,she fell in love in 2 WEEKS that's a joke

Anette H says:

I've read the books many times, and I love them, but I hate the series. It feels flat, and a lot of weird things were cut or added. And the friend who betrays her? They were never friends in the book. Mathew's mom is supposed to look like she's no older than 40 at the most, they make a point out of it several times that she looks like she couldn't possibly have a son who was older than 8.
I could keep up only because I've read the books. A lot of the things you didn't like were explained well in the books though. Like Diana's relationship with her aunts, we see more of it, and why she doesn't know anything about magic. She was never good at it both because she is a weaver and because she is spellbound, pluss the death of her parents traumatized her and she blamed magic for their deaths, so she decided to shut it out of her life. She wouldn't listen whenever her aunts tried to teach her anything. But the series never tell you that.
If you read books, then give the books a chance. I think you will be surprised.

The 2nd season is even worse, they change locations for no reason, drop important characters for the plot, and mention others briefly in the first episode, then in the last one talk about them as if they are the best of friends. Which they were in the book, but in the series we haven't seen any of that friendship at all, just a brief introduction. And why make one character different, more sympathic and not go through with their great betrayal, only to never mention them again? Why redeem them if you're not going to even say goodbye to them?? (and we left them in 1591, so I know there won't be a reunion in the next season)
All the things that I loved about the books were dropped in the series, such as the things that really made you understand that not only is Diana a historian, but so is the author of the series, so we get to learn that left and right shoes are the same in 1590, and that they don't speak an English that we would understand, so Diana struggles with the language…
In a way, you expect them to drop scenes for a series or a movie, but they also add scenes that makes no sense and that only changes the characters from what they were supposed to be, and I just don't understand why…
Finally, I didn't really like the choise of actors.. I liked them in other movies and such, but I don't feel like they managed to bring the characters and the relationship and connections between the characters to life. Nor did they bring the magic of the characters to life for me, they looked too human I suppose.. Vampires in the book look beautiful, daemons are brilliant and creative geniuses, and witches are also supposed to stand out. Here, they just look like every other person on the street.

Corina Andrei says:

I think you are right on point with this review. I have read the books. I have watched the first season and I am crazy for fantasy movies. However, these two actors should not have casted together ,in this movie. It is easy to see they have NO chemistry. I tried to watch season 2, but it is all too slow and boring… and these two annoy me to the point of scratching my face till I bleed out. For me, it is just impossible to believe these two actors.
And, not be mean, but let's face it! In real life, if I would see Matthew on the streets, not knowing he's an actor, I would think he's average. He s really not good looking, but since he plays a vampire , out of nothing, he's just stunning to many !

Iza Čufer says:

I agree with you 100%. The show has so much potencial but i feel like their love story ruins everything else because like you said he is so overprotective and at the begining i feel like she can't do anything without him allthough they keep telling us how powerfull she is. Idk i don't hate it i'm going to watch the whole thing but i'm disapointed because they could have done this 100times better but maybe it's just not targeted for my age because i think i would love it when i was younger.

LadyBug says:

Thanks SO much for the review! They gave these two great actors some Terrible dialogue, I really don't understand how Anyone over 21 could consume this material. If this book/Show was that Great, it would be trending upward and its definitely not and it has nothing to do with the genre or the actors. I don't even blame the Book author because it is the Producers job to make sure this stuff properly translate to a wider audience (outside the book readers) Its marketed as "Twight for Adults" Featuring highly intellectual characters… But they act and talk like idiot teenagers. Ugh

Virág Vass says:

My biggest problem with ADOW is that every character is more interesting than Diana Bishop. The books are written from her perspective so the show deserves kudos for bringing in the political games in the Congregation, the tension between the species, the Marcus-Miriam duo, Juliette's backstory, Sophie and Nathaniel, Matthew's relationship with Marcus, Hamish, etc. Deborah Harkness created an intriguing and promising world of creatures and discarded it for a self-insert fanfic with a cheesy happy end. It's a shame for the books' strength lies in the world-building parts where the author mixes real history facts with fiction, science with magic.

Erik Matthew says:

I just watched both seasons and I am just as lost as you! Some parts were so cringe. A lot of things just didn't make sense.

Jo Ravlin says:

I really like the books but the tv show is eff'ing horrible! How is the acting SO BAD??!?

Virgo Queen says:


Max Schmader says:

If you read the books, please let me know your thoughts on this show. I felt that the chemistry btwn Diana and Matthew was lacking, and that it feels rushed. Phoebe and Marcus have amazing chemistry and the chance for lesser discussed scenes that we know happened, but aren’t given time in the book.

Dayana Kostova says:

As a person who read the books more than 6 times, and loves the story – the series are far away from them. Please read the books first.

coco w says:

I've read about 60 pages of the book, gonna tell you. I just didn't like it, the main character was unrelateable and almost a mary sue. I just didn't enjoy reading it. I don't know if I will pick it back up. I just don't like how characters, are seeminly into her and it kinda takes the stage of her character. I would rather just, focus on exploring the different races, but idk maybe it will get better.

MLR says:

My feeling is the majority of supernatural shows and films are humorless, poorly plotted, and badly directed. Fantasy and horror fans are a forgiving bunch and we'll stand by just about any show that panders to us. That's why we keep getting the same shows with different decoration. She's a human, but he's a vampire! She's a vampire, but he's a werewolf! They're both vampires, but their families are at war! AAAAAHHHH I'm so sick of it all.

My hot take: Matthew Goode is fascinating no matter what he's doing but however they are directing Teresa Palmer puts the whole thing into the grave for me. She's meant to be a witch, a powerful bearer of light and life but she delivers most of her lines with a xanax sort of speed and dullness. She barely moves her face! And the whole thing is lit so badly that all these beautiful people look like dim hunks of cheddar cheese.

Thanks for taking the heat but you do not deserve it. Anyone who feels like a differing opinion about a TV show is a personal insult needs some fresh air. Critical analysis of media is essential and helps you discover why you like what you like, or don't. The more honest reviews out there, the better our media can be.

desertwaterdemon says:

I love the book and series, I just hate you.

desertwaterdemon says:

I HATE/DESPISE YouTubers reviews on anything because it makes them believe they have a VALID OPINION when they don’t. If this YouTuber actually read the book, which she said she didn’t and looks like she does not even read books at all. Don’t take the discipline to take knowledge in and absorb it, but it is easier to download it via YouTube reviews.

All your dumb opinion based on a series all pathetic because you are a YouTuber and NEED attention because that is what YouTube is about.

I’m glad you have more THUMBS DOWNS than LIKES.

Maybe watch that horrid BRIDGERTON?

Steve Fletcher - Guitarist says:

Really boring show. About half way through season 2 and realized it was doing a 'Lost' in that it keeps bringing up mysteries and events that we know nothing about and doesn't answer a single thing about any of them. They just keep going from one thing to the next without ever concluding anything. Remember that book she got out of the library in episode one…??? Yeah, no idea about that.

My Opinion! says:

I stop watching when I noticed it had that Twilight vibe and all vampires are day walkers, sexy or cool. Demons are the lower class, and just want to be left alone to raise a demon family, just to mention a couple of things. There are so many things not good and don't make sense. Minimizing and glorification of evil is just not my cup of tea. I guess I'm just not the target audience for this show. IMO

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