Iron Maiden – The Book Of Souls World Tour intro

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Iron Maiden’s The Book Of Souls World Tour Debuted in Fort Lauderdale on 24th February 2016.

Here’s the epic new tour intro featuring Eddie and Ed Force One – Iron Maiden’s custom Boeing 474 Jet, piloted by Captain Bruce Dickinson across the entire tour.

Director: Llexi Leon
Producer: Yaya Leone
Lead Animator: Joe Plant
Sound Design: Blair Jollands

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Director: Llexi Leon
Producer: Yaya Leone
Lead Animator: Joe Plant
Sound Design: Blair Jollands


Sam W2 says:

Tomb raider intro lol

Sergio Rognoni says:

Epic Iron Maiden good❤️❤️

Rafael Gohan says:

up the irons

000 000 says:

This video sends chills down my back

Ann Rush says:

That was nice of Eddie to help them get to where they were starting the tour

Michael Brown says:

I’m only 12 and I had the time of my life at their concert

Royal marine Cadets 2004 says:

best intro to a live show ever

Grimlord says:

Good Idea! Very Cool Band… Graphic designers did a good job.

Maxim Van Loocke says:

to be honest, I like this intro better than the one used in Antwerp

chaaarlieee1 says:

The devil's hand powers the Irons for their journey through the world. Amazing!

wwe1222 says:


Renato says:

Show de Belo Horizonte 19/03/2016, estive lá, tive o prazer !

Edd13TheGreat Studio says:

that would be a cool intro for dvd/ blu ray menu

Milton Andrade says:

Maiden never fail to amaze me. Saw them Saturday 4/16 at the Forum, i hope they extend the tour to 2017 and hopefully come back!

jordan longacre says:

your description is wrong, this is a Boeing 747….not a 474, please update

Black Hurricane says:

the intro is cool

Varun Chauhan says:

sad you are not coming to India this time

Sávio Filho says:

Cadê os br????

Loan Wauthion says:

This is why metal will always be the best.

We even play in jungle motherfuckers.


Cryptonymus says:

Up the Irons!

Cris Ek Balam says:

Regresen pronto a México

Vitor Tavares says:

Its unbeliaveble, the Maiden will go for fortaleza. m/

Damian Avendaño says:

Tiene una gráfica de mierda, pero verlo en vivo fue increíble!! temblaba el estadio!! VIVA MAIDEN!! VIVA ARGENTINA!!

ワンタン says:

Many Japanese maiden fans will be that I was waiting eagerly for this day.
Ryogoku Kokugikan is going to play sumo wrestling. I'm looking forward to a concert of heavy metal there.

adolf_the_great says:

cant wait!!
7 days 'till March 11, Santiago Chile!!

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