Introduction: Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam – اسلامی فکر کی نئ تشکیل

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4 Years back when I started this Channel, this book was one of the premium reasons why I embarked on this journey of enlightening the nation. This is not a book, this is a manifesto which has the power to change the course of our nation. I deliberately avoided reviewing this book since past 4 Years because the sort of text that is written inside is so profound that it needs absolute thorough insights and understanding. Mainay zindagi main kabhi kisi kitaab par 4 saal nahi lagaye but finally the journey is complete. Get ready Book Buddies as I take you on a breathtaking journey of intellect which will help you understand the true spirit of Islam which has somehow been hidden from us. I am producing a series of 8 videos on this book in which we will discuss in detail what the Great Iqbal had written about the reconstruction of our thought when it came to the concept of Islam. This video journey will be a joyride for the people who are willing to learn and dive into the unbelievable wisdom embedded in the words of this book. Phewwww it is work of an uber genius.