Interviewing the World's Greatest Writers

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Eleanor Wachtel, host of CBC Radio’s Writers & Company, has been interviewing authors for 25 years and has talked to most of the literary greats, including Alice Munro, Jonathan Franzen and Toni Morrison. She includes some of those conversations in her book “The Best of Writers & Company: Interviews with 15 of the World’s Greatest Authors” and joins The Agenda in the Summer to discuss what goes into a compelling author interview and what makes these writers truly remarkable.

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CandyThePuppy says:

..Interviewing someone, about interviewing people..Hmmmm. Interesting. :]

Sujata Kumari says:


avi kohen says:

"Slogging in the trenches" 12:12
Love that descript

Reader's and Writer's lounge. says: Great interview right here!!

GUNGUN Chompa says:

1:45 can anyone please tell me what she is talking exactly?

Jean Marie Ragus says:

Such a great interview, lovely interviewer who actually listens!

Gaetano Novielli says:

Great interview! I never previously heard of her interview program despite my living in Canada, but I will definitely tune in!

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