Interview with Therapist and Author Esther Perel on Letting Go in Relationships | Audible

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Today we are joined by author, speaker, and therapist Esther Perel, host of ‘Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel’. Esther is the author of the best-selling audiobooks ‘Mating In Captivity’ and ‘The State of Affairs’ about navigating love and relationships. This Audible original premium podcast brings you into the office of the iconic relationship therapist as she counsels 10 real couples on how to navigate modern love.
Warning: this live broadcast may contain explicit language. Mature audience only.

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Jacob Yu says:

Audible REFUND!!

Suzana Anjos says:

Absolutely wonderful series. You have a wonderful skill and gift, and i have been profoundly moved by these podcasts.

Lucia Sotomayor says:

How do you move on with out him after 34 years?

JoannA A says:

Amazing! What was the 3rd question again? I didn't time stamp it.
1. When did you learn this?
2. Who did you see do this?
3. ?

maria mungwe says:

i love you Esther… i would like to have a powerful interaction with you

wu youlei says:

Esther is professional. What is Esther's facebook? The hostess is smart, beautiful, pleasant looking. Two wonderful women make the brilliant audible.

Badia says:

At 4:16 it really begins! (skipping the introduction)

Badia says:

At 2:37 We should begin 😉

Maria M!kinen says:

My mother must've been a great deal alike your parents. I 've been pretty fortunate with the opposite sex since the age of 11. 💖💕💜

Maria M!kinen says:

Long story short, i wish to hold on to my values. TY I appreciate. Seriously, i wish I didn't have to die. 💕

Maria M!kinen says:

It is fairly easy to moralise n chat away with what is not a personal concern. Love is not a sin. Sometimes it goes to extraordinary lengths. Love is a private matter between two ppl…

Maria M!kinen says:

If I can decide, with my background experiences I prefer a different time n space. The boundary away from trouble helps. I am pretty rigid about this. Thank you. I'd do things in a slightly different way,now. My situation is not anything typical but normal, all the same.

doctor-and-dog says:

I really enjoy listening to this podcast. Despite this, one thing that always "clunks" for me is the way the Audible narrator consistently mispronounces Esther Perel's first name – she does it here and everywhere. There's only one way to pronounce Esther, if you're a speaker of the English language. I get that Perel is Belgian, and has an accent – even so, that's not a French pronunciation, either. Esther rhymes with Lester, molester, and court jester, all day long, whereas the narrator pronounces it "Astaire" Perel, as in Fred Astaire. What's with that?

ivania321 says:

I love Esther Perel 🙂 She is master !!!!

Cosmic Arts Astrological Services says:

Everyone talks about how insightful and creative Esther is, but she's also extremely sexy, right? Btw, I found all of these podcasts on iTunes at no cost.

Bliss WKC says:

Thank You sooo much dearest 💐
You’re such an inspiration 🥰
Be Blissful Eternally 🙏🏼😇

Jessica Ren says:

Esther, I am a big fan of you. Hope one of those days you will come to China and give speeches.

Kristine says:

Reflective listening is key.

Karen A says:

Esther is absolutely amazing at what she does. I've listened to the podcast all of it… read her books just mind blowing insights.

Chiclette2021 says:

Thank YOU, Esther Perel!  Wonderful talks!

Alexandria says:

I absolutely love this series. I've listened to it several times over. Esther Perel is incredible!

alinaalinaalina100 says:

ís this going to be available for Europe (Germany)?

Medicine And The Mind says:

Omgosh, i want to listen to this audible

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