I'LL BE GONE IN THE DARK | One Woman's Obsessive Search For the Golden State Killer

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Sakura71390 says:

I recommend Helter Skelter!

Diamond&Coal Books says:

If you haven't watched it or gotten familiar with the case, the documentary series Paradise Lost (there's a II and III released over the years) about the West Memphis Three is fascinating. Three teen boys falsely convicted & imprisoned for almost 20 years for the "satanic ritualistic murder" of 3 eight year old boys. It's fascinating. Another doc made called West of Memphis balances perspective a bit (I'd watch after the trilogy), a true crime book called Devil's Knot and a fictional movie of the same name with Colin Firth and Reese Witherspoon. Highly recommended! 😁✌❤

Pressed Between the Pages says:

I also read this one on audio, and yes, there were plenty of times when I rewound a section by a few seconds to make sure I was following the timeline correctly; but, speaking g as someone who doesn’t read true crime that often, I’m very glad that I found this one. Like you mentioned, the author’s compassion and heart for the victims and their families is uniquely beautiful. Even though circumstances made it impossible for Michelle to create her finished version, so glad that sone form of her work saw the light of day, and even got to contribute so much to resolving this case. Thanks for highlighting this one ! ❤️

Tommy Hazlewood says:

With all due respect to the late author, her book had little to do with solving the case. The investigators that have spoken about it point out that DeAngelo was not on ANYONE’S radar… and especially not in this book. They were not mean or insulting, but they mentioned that the book did not help solve the case. Patton Oswald famously claimed “You got him Michelle”, but if it weren’t for a distant cousin doing DNA research a year or so ago, it’s likely that he would still be a free man.

Nicole Tracy says:

Great video! I've had this book on my shelf since it's come out, so I guess it's time to read it. In terms of other true crime novels, I highly recommend Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI by David Grann.

Jada Earles says:

I downloaded the audio book awhile back but I haven't gotten to read it yet! cant wait to listen to it!

Geraldine Talks says:

Ahhhh I want you to read all the true crime! Maybe give Helter Skelter and Devil's Knot a shot?

Patricia Topp says:

I loved this book overall. Michelle definitely brought forth the humanity of the case. I do wish she would have been able to finish it the way she intended. Such a shame she was gone too soon.

jas says:

I'm currently reading the true crime novel "The Esperanza Fire: Arson, Murder, and the Agony of Engine 57" by John N. Maclean. its about an arson set wildfire that happened back in 2006 in cabazon, California. it burned over 40,000 acres and took the lives of 5 firefighters, including 40 homes. the man who set the fire was caught and charged with 5 counts of capital murder, he was then sentenced to death. i remember this fire as it happened in the neighboring town north of me just over the mountain and burned into our valley. I also remember the week it happened, my whole town was engulfed by smoke and it was raining ash. anyways, i am nearly 60% done with the novel and it is fantastic..check it out.

Amanda says:

Have you read that New Yorker article about AJ Finn/ Dan Morrow? It’s insane.

Ju Viotto says:

If you want to read more true crime novels, I definitely recommend HELTER SKELTER, about the Charles Manson case. Hands down one of the best books I’ve ever read! You won’t be disappointed! 🙂

tilda l says:

Lost Girls – An unsolved American mystery by Robert Kolker is about Long Island Serial killer- case, I just read it and LOVED it! It is not very typical true crime- book because it focuses a lot on the victims. Very well written and when reading it you can totally see that Robert Kolker cared about the victims and their families. Highly recommend reading it!

leslieisepic says:

Have you watched any of American Crime Story on netflix? I didn't watch the OJ Simpson drama that made up the first season, but I did recently binge season two, which dramatizes the assassination of giovanni verace through the lens of his killer. It was so good and I highly recommend. Darren Criss stars as the killer and he is brilliant (he actually won an Outstanding Lead Actor Emmy for his role as Andrew Cunanan); I feel like a bit of a hipster because I watched Darren Criss back in 2009 when A Very Potter Musical was first uploaded to youtube and have watched his career morph into super stardom over the years. But yeah, totally worth watching and it can easily be watched in a single weekend, or even day, if you have the time to binge through.

kelly r says:

Thanks for the new video, Katie! I'll keep my eyes peeled for this book. One of my favorite books of 2018 was "Killers of the Flower Moon" by David Grann, and I strongly recommend that one (it's also being turned into a movie soon, so there's that to look forward to as well).

Nitgan says:

You should listen to My Favorite Murder podcast. Reading this book has lead me down a rabbit hole of civilians who track crime/murder, documentaries, podcasts. But none of it is as engrossing as this book. Highly recommend 'In Cold Blood' by Truman Copote.

Geek Pron Vlogs says:

I listen to an insane amount of true crime podcasts and they used to advertise this book….

Eskapisti 87 says:

There's an audible original called "Evil Has A Name: The Untold Story of the Golden State Killer Investigation" by Paul Holes who was an investigator in the case, it's really interesting companion to this book and there's also info about the killer.

charmaine hatfield says:

I just started listening to the audio book a few days ago.

Gary M says:

I guess I've been living under a rock as I hadn't heard anything about this book, but why was some random lady looking for a serial killer? Did she have some connection or was she just trying to get famous?

Bailee Walsh says:

I recently got this on audiobook, along with The Word is Murder by Anthony Horowitz which is what I'm currently listening to right now. I've been hearing great things about the book and I'm glad you mentioned that you listened to the audiobook and talk about your experience with it because sometimes I worry about which format would be best. I really like non-fiction in audio format, especially if it's narrated by the author.

horrorghoul says:

I found it boring and choppy. I felt more like I was reading her autobiography. I feel like she just pasted some articles together and made an almost book from this.

spanky3610 says:

This is not a book, but The Paradise Lost documentary (all three parts are interesting). The Staircase about the Michael Peterson trial is really fascinating if you haven't seen that. Netflix was streaming the second part of the documentary which covers the defenses side of the trial, the first part is the prosecution's side.

getbookish says:

I also listened to the audiobook and I definitely agree about how difficult it was to keep track of at points. Overall, I enjoyed the book but there were a number of spots where I was a bit confused. -Becks

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