I went to 7 Bookstores in 7 Days | Book Haul + Vlog

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Hey Book Nerds, Happy Thursday! ⭐️ I hope you enjoyed watching me drive around town all week long!
I got a total of 14 books off my TBR list & could not be happier 😍

Timestamps below!
🖤 0:00 – Intro
📘 1:35 – Barnes & Noble
📘 3:19 – Little Free Library
📘 9:47 – 2nd & Charles
📘 12:46 – me frustrated at the world… smh
📘 13:55 – Target / Goodwill
📘 17:25 – Small Friend Records & Books
📘 19:39 – Richmond Book Shop
🖤 20:43 – Outro / WRAP UP!

This video was too fun to make – & very time consuming…. & lots of 🤑

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see you next week,
Madi ✌🏼


Sandy Jamjom says:

Thank youuuuuu

Catarina R. says:

9:05 No I'M noT

Sitti Muthi'ah Musa says:


Angelina HFB2006 says:

Can i ask a question? Sorry to bother you, but do you have warrior cat's (WARRIORS) book's?

Anna Montgomery says:

This poor woman-

✨💐✨👉👈 says:

🖤 omg I see you on my recommendation!! I love your videos

Alyssa says:

The matched series is really not that interesting of a book series it’s either too slow of a series for me or I just don’t feel the writing is the best as well as the plot the love triangle isn’t really a lot triangle at least in the first book I just feel like nothing happened

fritzAlotz says:

16:17 i had to pause this a few times cus I thought I was seeing things but omg ITS BTS ALBUM WOWOWO

Rising To Be says:

I need all of these books on my bookshelf immediately! 💫 Keep rising to be who you want to be! #keeprising #risingtobe #aswerise #riser

Caitlyn Snyder says:

i love 2nd and Charles!!

Eva says:

loved watching this in between reading 🙂 vlogs like this get me super geared up for my own little readathon 🙂 i've been reading rougly 2 books a week and can't wait to binge buy more haha!

Chloe Beth says:

If you have a Hidden Lantern Bookstore near you I HIGHLY recommend you visit it

Chloe Beth says:

I love Little Free Libraries. I recently went to one on the beach and I traded The Lovely Bones for Beach Read.

Barker Alexisg says:

The acceptable tortellini intracellularly destroy because scorpion rahilly miss without a bumpy owner. ethereal, used buzzard

Michelle Hobbs says:

I just bought the lost apothecary the other day cause I couldn't get over how pretty the cover is. If its bad I'm going to be so sad

SweetStar1908 says:

I wished we had those used book stores and libraries in my city too! We only have this public shel, which can’t be used because of covid :/

Raven Moonstone says:

Lmao Goodwill is ma store and I bought that exact book “Watching you” there too. Along with “Then She Was Gone” by the same person.

Jordan A. says:

i think the target books are actually that percent off the list price. that’s what it was for me at least (so discount is already there!)

Isabella Matos says:

the little library is so cute!! i wish they did this sorts of things here in brazil

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