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The struggle is real so i filmed it. HELP MEH!
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Kaizen Jhayzie Okamoto says:

I don’t know how other readers know the authors and memorize who wrote which. ALL I KNOW IS I’M READING BOOKS!

Julia B says:

is the dog allright? 😀

Bree Hill says:

I didn’t read The Hating Game but I couldn’t stand 99 Percent Mine. So underwhelming

Matthew Sandell says:

Debookified. Yes.

Amanda Lima says:

Hey, so I have a problem on dropping books I’ve started because of OCD. There’s just something about unfinished things that I’m not really able to cope with, a bit like Sheldon, it’s like this itching in the back of my brain that won’t let me forget about that book, even if it’s years later (started Charlotte Street in 2011, never passed page 50, still think about it to this day – I will have to finish it if I ever want to have peace of mind), so what I do when I really wanna like a book but is not working for me it’s go a few chapters ahead and try to see if whatever is happening then sounds interesting enough that I would want to know how the story got to that point. If that’s a no, then you really should just drop it. Funny enough, I downloaded the ebook of 99 percent yesterday, along with The hating game (which I’m actually really excited about). Good reads! 🙂

Carolyn Rose says:

Dude I've had a root canal too! The worst part for me was the smell. Whilst they drilled into my tooth, I could SMELL the decay. It smelled like burning hair, and it was AWFUL.

Jessica Golden says:

Honestly something that makes me so upset is i feel like sasha doesnt put effort into her videos anymore like not back in the day…/: idk am i the only one?

Amy McDougal says:

OMGOSH! I know this dilemma well! In general I deal with it this way…
I listen to audio, if I can, of the book I'm not 99% into(see what I did there? 😁) and physically read the one I'm anticipating! I'm actually in the middle of reading War and Peace which I started Jan. 1st (964pgs.😶 It's part of a self reading challenge). The break down this massive tome is 13 books. As I finish each breakdown I read my most anticipated, like The Wicked King, The King of Scars, Queen of Air and Darkness and 💗more. If you went to my Goodreads you'd see I've been a very busy Bookwyrm📖🐉📚! So I say, do not deny yourself that Scottish nomnom! It's hard to invest in a so-so book when the spine of another becons your heart.
…sorry so wordy.😊

TheAquamarine4 says:

Hahaha we’re the opposite I like it when they’ve already begun their relationship and things change rather than the meet for the first time, but I still sometimes like those

Lucy Danielle Reads says:

I always have this rule where I try to read at least half of a book before I decide to give up because if I'm not hooked by then it's not worth continuing on when I can read something else 🙂

I hate watches and fancy pens says:

I have this same problem but it’s with the grisha series. I completely loved Shadow and bone and bought the other 2 books before six of crows came out but I just cannot finish the second book even though it’s not boring and the writings great

Emma says:

I am having the same problem right now with reading I’m currently reading crown of midnight and I’ve been reading it for months and I have about 100 pages left finally but I’ve been putting it off 🙁

mostepotentebooks says:

DNF DNF DNF DNF !!!! Don't waste precious time on meh books!

Wannabe_Somebody says:

I am bad when it comes to not finishing books lately. I will start a book but then really want to read something else so I just go ahead and read that other book. Like I’ve been in the middle of Voyager by Diana Gabaldon since 2017 and I keep reading other stuff. I would still just read Fight or Flight because you seem more interested in that story.

Chloe Farren says:

My general rule for DNFing books is usually this: if I’m 25% thru and not feeling it, then I’ll move on to something else. But if I get halfway through it I figure I may as well finish it. Hope that helps! Let us know what you choose/what you think of each book!

Brittany-Diana says:

As a Scot with the last name Scott, I must say that I vote for fight or flight!

Shannon T. says:

Fight or Flight is so good, Caleb and Ava are one of my favorite couples ever!

Amy diaz says:

You should start the new book cuz life's too short to stuck yourself with a book you are not hook in, plus (outlander vibes

Komal Preet says:

Will u plz do a video on ur new home tour plzzzzzz for ur fanssss plzzzzzz

Kaelea Bearwald says:

I say start Fight or Flight, you can always pick up 99 Percent Mine again later

Spiritbro77 says:

You say you like it and are enjoying it but it hasn't swept you away? I vote to finish it. If it were a horrible book that was poorly written by some hack… then absolutely dump it. But if it is a fun read it just hasn't hit excellent territory I say try another 50 or 100 pages and see if it picks up. If not then perhaps this author isn't for you. That happens sometimes. A lot of people didn't like Michael Crichton's books but I loved quite a few of them. Not every author suits every reader. Doesn't mean anything. 🙂 Good luck moving!

Books and Things says:

I love the editing Sasha!!

Kathryn Beemer says:

DNF – I need to hear your thoughts on Fight or Flight. I feel like I need run straight to the bookstore and buy a copy.

XCatherineReads says:

Oooh this editing! I’m loving it!!
And I totally understand feeling slumped by a book despite it actually being good?? I’m glad you are finding more books that spark joy for you though!!

Nicole Sulak says:

I give every book 100 pages. If I’m not obsessed then I DNF!

Emily Finch says:

I personally adored both The Hating Game and 99 Percent Mine but if you’re not enjoying it then there isn’t much point continuing. You could always read Fight or Flight and then attempt to go back to it. I find that sometimes I have to read a new book halfway through another, just because I can’t get the new ones description out of my mind, and I just know that I won’t enjoy the original book quite as much.

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