I Bought Another 70 Books During Quarantine | BOOK HAUL

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In my defense….. these are books from August 2020 to now….. I’ll see myself out.

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Fadama Halie says:

Liv blink twice if you want us to take your debt card away😂


Bookstore Berlin Germany

Jina V says:

she is so interresting when she talks like this is the firest time i sat through a 1 hour videooooo

Jina V says:

yall are so rich that u r buying hard covers and paper backs at the same timeeeee like adopt me do u need a dog i can bark

Eprocto-Files says:

Boarding school Men in Black mashup? Nightmare Academy by Dean Lorey fits that bill, although book three in that trilogy is trash. Book two is really nice though, and obviously the first one is fine. But if there's any trilogy that needed a complete overhaul of book three, it is that one. Even with the fair number of nasty books that have come across my attention, one never forgets the one that started them all, and for me that was Nighmare Academy book three.
Norma HOwe has some fun books about a boy named David Schumader who changes his name to Blue Avenger, and becomes more confident with this rebranding of himself, and the second book in that is phenomenal, book three is not, but at least it wasn't disgusting, just lame. By the way, Blue Avenger books were published before "The Avengers" were mainstream, otherwise publishers might've forced her to change the name, thank goodness it predates those. Blue Avenger is the kind of hero the world needs, not Captain America and whoever the others are.

Ebony M says:

Born and raised in New Orleans so I love when my city is represented in books and tv shows.come visit soon ❤️

em s says:

omg i'm so jealous i also want to buy 70+ books!! my tbr list just keeps getting more and more names lmao

Tiffany Peters says:

Kalabans war reminds me of Halloweentown lol the main bad guy is kalaban

Candice Neves says:

OMG that Way of Kings though!!!!! I'm such a pedantic idiot about my series matching and I need the c-format UK edition of the WoK! Please can you tell me where you got that from!

Book Queen says:


-Book_Worm- says:

My tbr growing 10 times bigger:

Jackie Hanspard says:


Victoria says:

Okay see I love that owl rate edition of where dreams descend way more that the original 😅 but I can’t get that edition 😭

Simply Enchanting Books says:

"What do I have to say for myself? …. My bad" Haha. This is me every time I buy more books 🤣🤣

Des Malfoy says:

… how much money did u spend..

Priya Pawar says:

70+ 😱😱😱😱

Ahmed Salim says:

A shelf for Stephen King 👌🏻

Jasmine Lea says:

If you like anything set in New Orleans, you should read thousand lie by Sharon Sala!!

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