hyped tiktok books are… interesting. here's what to read instead

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hey friends! today we are discussing some hyped and popular tiktok books. Do they deserve the hype? What other books would I recommend instead? And i’ll also explain why i think booktok is such an interesting book niche compared to booktube!

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Hi! My name is Leonie and I am a 23 year old girl who loves talking about books! From YA to non-fiction to classics, I read it all (although fantasy will always be my fave). I live in the Netherlands and go to university, but make booktube videos in my spare time 🙂

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Jada Reads says:

Honestly this comment section is making me feel so insecure about what I’m reading. You have to realize that we are not as old as you so most the books that came out when you were a teen we didn’t know about so now that we are getting older we want to talk about them. Also don’t shame people for what they like, just because you don’t like a book doesn’t mean they don’t. However if you think that a book should have taking a trope farther than read adult books😐. I find it so interesting that you guys depend on ya books your whole life to the point ya is the only genre that grows up with its audience you have to remember that ya is 13- early 20s not 18-30s so not everything is gonna be gruesome . IF YOU DON’T LIKE A BOOK DON’T READ IT. IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE BOOKS SOMEONE RECOMMENDS THAN DON’T FOLLOW THEM ITS THAT EASY.

Sky T says:

I personally didn’t like The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. I thought the concept was interesting but it was executed.. terribly? It got super boring and predictable. I couldn’t bring myself to care about the main characters either, especially the main girl

Alex R. says:

I feel like booktok is a lot like fanfiction TikTok. All the ones they've hyped up have ended up being…….Not Good Whatsoever. (Shout out to Rough Day tho, that's a pristine fic right there.)

lexipedia says:

acotar the series is handsdown the best thing i’ve read this year. and the best series i’ve EVER. read.

Coffee and Books says:

who else is kinda obsessed with her earings

Alyssa Jimenez says:

Were any of these that were recommended a series??

sadako says:

I need more people to read the scythe series. Its a trilogy and its so good

Running Door says:

i didnt cry when i read we were lairs BUT i absolutely loved it soooo much

Sarah L-B says:

11:17 the audio came out of my left ear bud and it scared me so much i screamed and all my family came running and i had to explain that this scared me-

natalia sayuri says:


Kabina says:

i LOVE the prior of the orange tree, oh my god it's so good i ate up both books in three days.

Iza Voicu says:

please read the song of achilles it’s probably the most hyped book on tiktok and i think you would really enjoy it

Diana says:

your earrings are the best earrings I've seen…ever

Unprofessional Critic says:

I think most people who are on booktube for a while know that booktok recommendations are to be taken with a grain of salt.

Unprofessional Critic says:

All the SJM books slamming is giving me life. I do not understand her popularity. Even if I don't like a book I usually understand why other people may like it. But not with her books. ACOTAR was honestly worse than Twilight and the same people who mock Twilight, love SJM books!
There are SOOOOO MANY better books out there.

Jessica Clay says:

i actually liked throne of glass and young adult books 🥲

Arinah Alias says:

the poppy war is the best fantasy i’ve ever read ❤️

Kaitlyn Varin says:

Such a good description, booktube but five years in the past. I feel the same way about bookstagram, but it's always up to a year into the future. I always see new books and get excited, then I'm like that doesn't come out for 6 months.

Charlene Jo says:

I read almost all of ACOTAR. I could just not finish the last one though. I loved the series. I think I read most of it in a matter of weeks.

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