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EVERYONE WAS CURIOUS. so this was filmed very late at night without a script or any planning. ENJOY! Thanks for watching! =D

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Love Jace Herondale says:

I would never put the life of my book in such danger

Storybook Queen says:

Why do I actually want to try this?

victr says:


A. Carstairs says:

The books gotta breatheeeee

Katie Mccomb says:

Get phone. Put it in 2 or 3 zip lock bags. Put plastic hook in showem. Load Ebook

Gaby Hernandez says:

I need to read a book by Tuesday, it is Sunday. This is SO HELPFUL OML

Toxic Narwhals says:

I needed this

Elvie Rose Robinson says:

I'm going to try this……

softserve says:

If you don’t have such a big shower-
Keep one arm out of the shower, holding the book. Have the curtains hang along your dry arm so that the water doesnt go out, and also, you know, you can see the book. It is better if you can sit but it is not necessary. When one decides to actually, y’know, BATHE, then close the book, throw it gently but far, and pull the curtain shut. Cause showering with one hand is not fun.
Anyways thats the best I’ve got xD

Just A Girl Sitting In A Sink says:

The video we’ve all been waiting for.

Eros Eccard says:

most useful video i've ever watched

Monica Creator says:

Two questions : What the heck and why?

spicy mints says:

Lol omg I couldn’t stop laughing 😂

madiii says:

Is it bad that I actually do read in the shower…?

Ethan Arzet says:

I have been waiting for something like this

Mishellyloves Books says:

Hahaha your so so funny!!!! Love your videos wish I could collaborate with you and participate in the fun games and stuff! 😁💖

ashty azad says:

You’re wasting a lot of water

David Roberts says:

That would be a huge waste of water…

anna p says:

Rewatching this after the newest video lol

Sofia avila says:


Mignon says:

I love reading this was actually helpful

MinnyPaws says:

I once did this in the bathtub. RIP MY POOR PERCY JACKSON BOOK

Tima Itani says:

This totally helped me

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