How to Hang a Witch | Spoiler Free Review

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This book comes out July 26! PREORDER:







Thank you so very much Penguin Random House for sending me a review copy of this book! All thoughts and opinions are my own!


Sheila AM SheiShei says:

amazing!!. from Spain!!

Nycole Teall says:

there is it comeing out in the fall of this year romor has it might have something to do with the tianic

Andrew Clendening says:

FYI, Adriana Mather told EW that there will be a sequel, How To Sink a Ship.  The same characters, but bringing in the history of the Mather's being on the Titanic.

Isabel PasRod says:

I love witchy books!!! I'm dying to read some more, so I'll definitely read it when it comes out. Besides, how can one not get excited over a book when the reviewer is so passionate about in?
Loved the video, review and look.
Greetings from Chile!

AriaRecaps says:

OMG MAKE UP ON FLEEK!!! I have been so interested in this book!!! I am so glad you loved it :D:D:D

Lindsay Cummings says:

the makeuppppp :0

ottoismy1dog says:

you make one beautiful witch 😉 the books sounds great, too.

Amber Munk says:

Can I borrow this book around my birthday then lol it will be the perfect time to read it 😀

StuckOnStories says:

Definitely adding this book to my list! It seems so interesting because I've never read something about witches and their history and such.

AskSeekKnock says:

Ahhh I want to read this! Also, you are totally rocking the goth look.

Megan says:

This definitely got me interested in picking up the book! I love how hyped up you are about it, plus we seem to have the same taste in books!

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