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Thanks for watching everybody! Down below let me know how you read – Where you read, what you wear, what food do you eat/ drinks that you drink when you read and how many books you read in a week! I’d love to know!
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Hermione Granger says:

I'm currently reading Girl in Pieces!

AP_Studios says:

Nice one!Your eyes match your hair colour.😘😊

darcy phillips says:

You look like hermione granger from harry potter

Fallen Angel says:

How I read: I open the book that I want to read wherever I am… then I read it

Moonlit Waters says:

Just my opinion, but I don't think how quickly you read is that important. If your only goal is to finish a book quickly, then you're not really enjoying it. I read quite a lot, but if usually takes me at least 1/2 weeks to finish a book. Even if it takes you a month, it's fine!!!

travis rodriguez says:

You're the prettiest book reader in YouTube even without make up and I love your personality.

ghanshyam bhavsar says:

what are doing that many much books reading ?
what is benefit you book reading

ghanshyam bhavsar says:


Itzak says:

4 hours straight once every 3 weeks :^/

Trash Panda says:

I would eat all of them in one day

Barbara Melfi says:

I love your videos! and this was the first one I watched that introduced me to the booktube community and I felt in love with it! Also I know you love Outlander so much as I do so I would love if you could check my Instagram page, my first photo its outlander related! 😀

Savannah Rouse says:

Maybe I should start reading too 😉😂

olivia marshall says:

3:51 ME!

Ellie Rose says:

Out of interest, because it looked sooo cosy, where did you get that chair? The white one that you were reading in? I’d love a chair that I can sit and read on and I think this is the one!

Sloth power says:

My main spot is on my bed with my blankets on me I fluff my pillows and I sit there with my knees up to hold the book up and I use my hands to hold it also and its really comfy but it makes me tired but its the quietest place and most comfortable

ご珍しいアシュリー says:

Hi! I found out that you're dyslexic so I wanna know if you read books a little longer or in a normal pace?

Mariam abdullah fahami says:

Im read during breastfeed. That’s only time that i have 😅😅

Assassin's Guilt says:

I get even hungrier when the characters are hungry. 😀

Azarine Bilqis says:

I like your chanel

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