Goku vs Beerus! Dragon Ball Super Manga Vol 1 Review from VIZ

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Dragon Ball Super Manga Vol 1 is OUT featuring Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapters 1-9, which covers Super Saiyan God Goku vs Beerus, Goku vs Frost, and much more! Battle of Gods and Universe 6 Arcs are included PLUS Bonuses!





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Righteous Cunt says:

Why would you private and delete your videos?

SickSkwerl says:

Hitting like due to new restrictions on the manga

Jose Angel says:

Take this down ! ASAP

Daniel Smi says:

Man, i am so glad I already watched these reviews beforehand.

SAVAGE_tyancy says:

They delete all the manga accept the one you promoted on they just care about 💰

Slim Thicc Keta says:

ah damn i was watchin all the manga reviews and all of a sudden they just disappear 😩😩

Yoni Getachew says:

I'm Okay With The Different Translations, I Think Its Cool To See The Different Interpretations Of This Series

Jesus Nicolas says:

Wow so this was almost a face reveal since we got see Geekdom’s hands

Son Goku says:

Holy shit that's right

Charlotte Cracker says:


SSB Alonzo says:

This is amazing I bought one can't wait!!! #KINGKAIFIST Who else bought one?

Marshall Aviles says:

you should def make more of these videos with other anime goodys for the dbz geeks. I just got my own copy cause you convinced me and im super pleased. thanks!

Wes ker says:

English volumes are usually higher quality than the Japanese counterpart.

Wes ker says:

I wish Viz would release the Resurrection F in a mini volume.

Brett Spangler says:

I would love to see a RoF manga book, just by itself, for a couple of reasons.
-It's a part of Super, you can't just treat it like filler.
-The manga has been amazing, even better than the anime for the most part.
-He never finished it, & it just drives me mad that it's only 3 chapters long, we could've seen SSJG Goku fighting against Golden Frieza, & then after getting his ass handed to him, Goku turns SSJGSS. The artwork would be incredible. It's a shame that it's an unfinished piece of wonder.

TheRandomDude R says:

Volume 2 is coming out end of the year hahA

ScarBark says:

Since it's a monthly chapters, I assumed it'll be 4 chapters per volume.

Azntim9 says:

Wanted a dick reveal, but hands are fine i guess……

Denios says:

hmm. i dont like the manga, its too rushed and cramped. but sadly, the anime has many other problems…

ky fife says:

how do u get these books?

Clarity JJ says:

Volume 2 is not coming soon December is not soon as of right now .

Clarity JJ says:

I got it May 1st

Nishchay Kumar says:

do a video on dragon Ball fan series specially absalonn

Wil Breedlove says:

Volume 2 come to us in December….. shonen or whoever needs to get their crap together because I hate the fact that I have to wait months for the Colorized version of the Dragon Ball Manga to be translated and be released over to the states I mean come on it should not take that long to realize a translated manga ffs

Genestfu says:

red >>>>>>>> blue

darkashtar says:

Watching newest episode of DBS, can't help but adore Vegita loving burra, itss great..

Gabriel Campos says:

oh, pretty cool. Now I just have to wait arrives here in Brazil.

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