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2nd and Charles:

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AudriAnna O'Connor says:

I love the Green mile

wizkid1594 says:

Running With Scissors is so amazing. I burned through it in like, 3 days.

SackKickingFatMan says:

Sure kept skipping over angelas ashes haha

Micaela Gonzalez says:

Is that "Under the Banner of Heaven" copy from Doubleday publishers?

Super Mommy811 says:

We have similar taste in books lol. I think I would have an even harder time giving my books away but I know I have to. Second and Charles is where I get all my books now. I found an Achebe book in the free bin, turned around and sold it to an online textbook company. I think it was about 6 or 7 dollars. Anyone who wants to give classic books or school books away, should look into flipping and selling books if you don't have a second and Charles

PumpkinMozie says:

I'm weirdly curious about how much money you ended up getting from the ones you sold hahaha…

Renee Martinez says:

life after life was just terribly obnoxious to me, you shouldn't feel bad for tossing it, kinda wish I would have.

John Sullivan says:

Hiya, I appreciated this video, as I struggle to sell/give away my own books. It' like giving up my babies for adoption. I bought Scott's Smith's The Ruins as you recommended it. I started on it yesterday. Oh yeah, you should read the Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde. I'm paraphrasing but I am sure Stephen King called it 'the most perfect horror story ever written' (his opinion in Danse Macabre). I also have Full Dark, No Stars which I look forward to as well. I don't know why, but I have started to read more horror over the last two years (taste has changed, I guess) . Enjoying the ride! Enjoying your videos! Great work!

Andrea Robyn says:

You should read Bag of Bones, it has the custody battle element within it but the focus of the novel really is more on ghosts, a mystery and questionable family dynamics. It is my favourite Stephen King book and I think you would really enjoy it!

Theblizzardking says:

You're a cutie.

Sara G says:

Do you have a video on your favorite psychological thrillers? Just finished Before I Go To Sleep and loved it and now want more like it!

Nicholas Tuck says:

You need to read Blood Meridian. It's truly one of the greatest books ever written.

MagicOfBooks says:

Great unhaul! I have such a hard time getting rid of books, but it does feel better once I do. Since you go to 2nd and Charles, can I ask a question, cuz I go there too. If you buy used books from 2nd/Charles, are you allowed to sell them back? I've bought books from them before and after I've read them, some I want to return, but I'm not sure if they allow it—like they scan the barcode or something and know that you're returning what was once property to them. Does that make sense? I'm just curious if they allow it because I have quite a few books I've read that I've bought from them and I want to get rid of them.

Vicente says:

I really need to read more Stephen King, and some Joe Hill, because Horns and NOS4A2 sound really good!

Evelyn's Library says:

Ohh your brother reads ASOIAF?? You should read it too (if you haven't already) 😀

Ivory Book Covers says:

Such an interesting style of this video. I actually liked this way better.

So many of the books you're giving away that I want to take XD

Books & Waffles says:

I've read Love and Other Foreign Words last month! It's soooo goood, but so freaking sad though.
Anyway check it out.!

thegirlonfire says:

hi i just found your booktube channel 🙂 im gald im not the only person who doesnt like divergent that much, first book was ok or good but second one was so boring and confusing i didnt even read the 3 book, i dont even know if i will and if i do i have to re read insurgent, and now with the four series omg i dont know if im reading thos. i yhave my own booktube channel called AdrianaLovesBooks could u check it out and subcribe me, (i know i dont have a lot of videos yet, but im planing on doing more) 😛

JustCallMeMrsDarcy says:

You should read Gabriel Garciar Marquez in Spanish!

Sarah Green says:

I just finished Under the Banner of Heaven a few weeks ago. So interesting. It's definitely not a fast read but very interesting. And I'm like you. I'm very attached to books I've read and are on my shelves. I think when I just moved I managed to get rid of 5 or so. I need to do better next time. 

Jasmine Dubois says:

Love your Sailor Moon poster!

Julie Engle says:

Over time, I've concluded we have very similar tastes in books.

Rose Reads says:

P.s. Also I saw Roses on your shelf and gave a little squeal haha 🙂

Rose Reads says:

I've been crazily clearing out all my stuff recently too – I think it might be an end of uni thing : I hope yours goes well!

2BOLD4U says:

Bag of Bones is such a good book. I loved Brave New World I believe it was the first dystopian book that I ever read.

Hannah Martha says:

Read catcher asap!!!

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