Getting Started with Messed Up Horror Fiction: 5 Horror Novels to Make You Squirm

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This week it’s the long-awaited sequel to my “Getting Started with Horror Fiction” video and we’re talking about five horror books that will mess you up (in a good way).

The books discussed in this video (and the amazon links to buy them) are:
THOSE ACROSS THE RIVER by Christopher Buehlman:
MEXICAN GOTHIC by Silvia Moreno-Garcia:
CRAZYTIMES by Scott Cole:
UZUMAKI by Junji Ito:

I’ve also added all these to a Bookshop dot org list here, if you’d like to support indie bookstores with your purchase:

Buy CLOWN IN A CORNFIELD in hardcover, audiobook, or ebook from amazon here:
Barnes & Noble here:
Bookshop here:
and other retailer links can be found on Harper’s own website here:
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Jennifer says:

Suffer the Children!!!

Thunder Hawk says:

Can’t believe a young man likecyoubknows After Hours ! Well done

Marlo Shedlock says:

love your reviews but it would be great if you could hold the book while you took (for those of us googling it)

Nilu Lal says:

Clown in a cornfield was absolutely entertaining i loved it.. recent read was the summer of night by Dan Simmons. Thanks for the recommendations. 😊 ordered crazytimes//Those across the river!! Both sound amazing.

Dana Stone says:

I've been in my monthly horror mood, so the last two or so weeks I've read(in order): The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion by Margaret Killjoy, The Imago Sequence, The Loop and Skullcrack City by Jeremy Robert Johnson, Apt Pupil, Bubba and The Cosmic Bloodsuckers by Joe R. Lansdale, Kill Creek by Scott Thomas, re-read Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado, The Only Good Indians and just began Night of The Mannequins by Stephen Graham Jones. I've even been thinking about reading some book called Video Night but I dunno…… Any potential references to Blockbuster might send me into a flashback loop of my shift leader/upselling/fucking Scary Movie trailer and Toby Keith Video loops which nearly drove a pair of chopsticks into my eardrums. Over….and over….and over…..

t k says:

the last great horror novel I read was "Hex" from thomas olde heuveldt

Stacy Robinson says:

Bone White by Malfi. You can feel and see everything… fantastic writing!

Kathi Murray says:

Uzumaki was an excellent and weird movie! Now I must read the book!

Sammy Ali says:

Man I wish had a teacher like you when I was back in school. You’re awesome.

Jessica Scott says:

The Grip of It. Some female body horror in that novel and it got way under my skin.

Sir Dewi Prancealot says:

I loved Clown in a Cornfield Adam. I look forward to reading more of your work!

Blazing13 dff says:

The funny thing about uzumaki is that in naruto the uzumaki clans symbol is a spiral

William Castro says:

Extreme?, now you have my attention. Do a top5 on your favorite extreme books.

Solomon Strange says:

Ancient Images by Ramsey Campbell. A compelling read!

No Name says:

I just picked up your book recently! It’s on my tbr I’m super excited to get to it!

August Willman says:

I loooooveee wrath james white so glad you added him to this list! Definitely makes you uncomfortable!

DarkGuld God says:

I just finished I am Legend. And it was good!

Benjamin Farthing says:

Have you read Black Stars Above? That's a short graphic novel that feels more like a novel than a movie. Lots of interiority.

101chagu says:

I read your book and it was INCREDIBLE! Such a fun time.

Jordan’s Movie Reviews says:

@AdamCesare my favorite horror novel I’ve read over the past few years has to be Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, I don’t usually get creeped out by scary books all that often like I do scary movies however, Stephen King is such a great writer that, the book got under my skin entirely.

Also, if you’ve never seen them I’ve got two killer clown movies you should review on your channel, of course one of which being both chapters of the IT Adaptation from 2017 and 2019 respectively because, I’d love to hear your spoiler filled in depth thoughts on both those films as well as a movie called Terrifier which is a throwback 80’s slasher about a killer clown although, his entire aesthetic is black and white and he’s completely silent so I guess he’d be a killer mime however, his suit is more of a traditional clown outfit that happens to be black and white so, I guess he’s a killer clown in that regard if you catch my drift.

By the way, I’m reading your novel Clown in a Cornfield now, I just started it, I just got through the prologue chapter and I have to say, I’m intrigued to finish it, I’ll definitely let you know if I enjoyed it or not when I finish the entirety of it.

kristine Staples says:

So glad to see Uzumaki on here. One of my first thoughts watching this was "is he going to include Wrath James White?"

HollyByGollyBooks says:

Recently I read The Loop by Jeremy Robert Johnson and that one was veeeeerrrrryyyy dark, gory and messed up! (in the best way) Made me feel all types of feelings after finishing it! And yesssss Mexican Gothic was WILD!! The atmosphere in that book was absolutely incredible and I looooooved the slow burn!! I seriously do think that horror is making a comeback! I have been seeing it sprinkled in on sooooo many channels recently that I previously never saw horror featured! I think your book in particular was a MAJOR stepping stone for horror in the YA book community!

And ooomggg 100% getting Crazytimes asap!!!!!!

Michael Wagner says:

I read lesser dead because of you. Loved it. I’m currently working on the necromancers house. So far so good. I’ll have to check out those across the river next.

Nikki D1919 says:

Hello! new sub here and fan! <3

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