Getting Started with Horror Fiction: 5 Scary Books You Have to Read

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We’ve been talking about horror movies for too many videos in a row! Time to talk books and today I have pulled an eclectic mix of fiction off my shelf that might help newbies ease in to reading our genre. But pros can watch as well. The books listed in the video (and the links to buy them) are:

I AM LEGEND by Richard Matheson:
FULL DARK, NO STARS by Stephen King:
THE MISSING by Sarah Langan:
THE DRIVE-IN by Joe Lansdale:
BROTHER by Ania Ahlborn:

The horror movie recommendation that I snuck in at the end was BETTER WATCH OUT, now streaming on Shudder.

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Ashlie says:

I agree with your first point. I was in a reading slump and the book given to me was the turn of the screw. With the older language I just totally shut down from reading. So I decided to just choose my own and I settled with I am legend.

chompachangas says:

In early life I attended a private christian school. My parents were Jesus freaking reborns. In 1989 we moved and I started going to public school. In English class, we were assigned some Stephen King short stories from Skeleton Crew. My parents threw a fit and I was exempted from participating in the class discussion. It sucked. It was embarrassing. Now Stephen King is one of my favorite authors, and I've grown up to be a morally casual person and well adjusted.

The Cannibal Brothers says:

Hi great channel!

Check out The Cannibal Brothers Book!

AfterShock 7878 says:

“The Books of Blood” by Clive Barker. Talk about crazy. I was hooked on Horror fiction after I read that.

OPPO Zedge says:

I started reading when I was about 12 and it was Stephen kings IT then I just got deeper and deeper just try and read

dwade22100 says:

Great video! Appreciate the recommendations

Billy says:

Starts at 3:32

Daryl Hicks says:

Ann rices vampire chronicles is what got me In to reading

neca says:

video starts at 3:33

Will A says:

Survivor by palahniuk

J.B.'s Reviews says:

I'm new to the channel. Excellent video, man. As for what got me into reading. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone got me into reading. Jonathan Barrett Gentleman Vampire came in at the right time as well.

Andrew Hirschi says:

Ready player one

the real zeldamaster of minecraft says:

Without matheson we wouldn't have had Stephen king. My highest suggestions to most of my friends and family are:
Cujo by Stephen king pretty decent book though may be a little slow with the sharp cereal stuff I enjoyed all that also has the 1980s movie starring Dee wallace,The Hellbound Heart by clive Barker though he wasnt the future of horror he did make hellraiser and this is the book it's based on clive normally has illusions in his books but this one is easy to read,Nightflyers by george rr martin a pretty good sci fi horror from the creator of ice and fire a.k.a game of thrones it blends alien with the shining and has a 1980s movie and a syfy/netflix TV series.

Kiad D says:

20,000 leagues under the sea

Pisces bro says:

Talon of the silver halk by Ramond Feist. Read it during required reading in middle school and ended up getting obsessed.

not4gotten says:

Have read some horror books, watched a tonne of horror movies. Writing a novel myself with all the chiches. Best thing for me is when you think of it before you go to sleep

jesus rico says:

yes the firm by john grisham was the first book that got me into reading but also watching camron chaney on youtube also got me into reading young adlut horror and adult horror and zebra horror paper backs before watching camron chaney i had no idea what horror pbs was then i looked up horror pbs on youtube and stumbled on you # adam ceser

jesus rico says:

the firm by john grisham was the first book which got me into reading

Joye AndBlessings says:

The book that got me into reading: age 10 – almost forty years ago! “James and the Giant Peach”. I was enthralled and still remember to this day the exhilaration every time I turned the page.

Gamingbrothers 1277 says:

what if its not a book, but a game called ddlc that got me into reading

itsmepionman says:

Goosebumps got me into reading before that i couldn't even read english

the ny dubbings says:

The exorcist

zhyar Jasim says:

The book which introduced me and brought me into this awsome world that made me feel I have missed alot was BRIDA by Paulo Coelho , I would say I enjoyed that book so much that I would be reading it again to fell into that awsome world again and enjoy my life

Kassandra Rodriguez says:

The fault in our stars got me into reading

Jamie Barnes says:

Thanks for the list I am excited to read Brother!

Maha Lakshmi Kamuni says:

The Alchemist is the first book. I FREAKING LOVED IT AS FUCK….

hannabi draw says:

It's not a book that got me into reading it's loneliness

Faithlyn8 says:

The book that got me into reading was the mortal instruments series it was the first series that I felt totally submerged in. I’m currently reading Stephen Kings dreamcatcher and they both die at the end by Adam Silvera.

MB380 says:

Oh boy a hand talker 🙂

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