Getting Rid of My Books: Un-haul Part 1!

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Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for part 2 heading your way soon!
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Imogen Harris says:

Anyone else making a mental list of books Sasha has mentioned that you want to check out? Even in an un-hauling video, you are a bad influence 😂

fanvonschady says:

I like the idea of getting rid of things that are no longer needed or wanted, but I think it is even more important to change one's mindset during this process. Otherwise this will be a neverending process of hauling and unhauling things without ever using them.
When I get new books, I always do it with the intention of reading it immediately or I will just not buy it because I know it will then just sit on my shelf for years if I lose interest again and I find that to be a horrible waste of money and space.

Silver Moon says:

I should do this with my library as well, because there are books I don't think I will enjoy.
Thank you, Sasha, you are such an inspiring woman.

By the way: what is the song's name?

Heather Kirchhoff says:

I'm working on going through the books I have on my TBR shelf and nightstand. It feels nice. 🙃 I'm moving soon too and I don't want to take the books I'm never going to actually read. 🤷

Sarah Lucas says:

I'm about to re-read The Clan of the Cave Bear, it's my favourite series.

Peace&Cookies〉(^_^)〈 says:

I liked seeing you go through them all. Also what a pretty outfit

Irish Claddagh says:

Good for you, this is great….Well done

Emily Burtt says:

You are my most favorite youtuber ever!!!!!!!!!

Life Adventures with Partaka family says:

Wow sasha good start, 63 you unhauled just from those two shelves.

Chloe Schell says:

I wish I had a collection as amazing as yours. How are you getting rid of the books? I’ll take everything lol

Kara C says:

Lol I live the amount of books that have been on your shelves for years that you never read. When I started out as a reader I'd look at what was on your shelves and read them so books like half bad I read 😂

Alexa Levon says:

And isle of the lost, but I understand,

Alexa Levon says:

Man, your getting rid of return to the isle of the lost, I love that book, but all in all it’s not the best.

Molly Magarian says:

I'm not sure why, but I counted, and that's already sixty-four books! way to go you! I don't have the stamina to do something like that.

NissBooks says:

Hey ! I'm in love with your bookshelves <3 OMG ! i could never donate my books , they're my friends , a part of me . XOXO. Niss

Jenna says:

Good job! I just unhauled a small stack of books today and it felt good to get them out of my house. It’s nice to see more of the books you actually enjoy on the shelves.

Manasvi Jain says:

Getting rid of those books physically hurt me.

Amy Faith says:

Love that you kept Finding Fraser 🙂

Alexis Cardenas says:

Lol trying to figure the method of madness. Those sticking out and getting rid of! Can’t believe how many you got rid of! Nice job!!! Love your matching outfit! Where did you get it?!

Linda Fredriksson says:

you could say how many books in the end

i literally forgot says:

i gave away some of my books to my class for free bc i read them already and i felt like making space for new books in the future 😁

Kiersten Adebanjo says:

Are you going to donate them?

Jessica Dedmon says:

She looks at her view finder most of the time

Sam Worth says:

why not get ebooks? they're better in every way, aren't they? 🤔

aisling maher says:

i did this a few years ago – i'm pretty sure a total of 500 were evicted – i went looking for a book about a week ago and realised it was one of the ones i gave away –. 7 years later

Jasna Reads says:

Your collection is absolutley insane! Beautiful but insane.. so understandable that you're not able to read all of them

Amanda Lima says:

This was really great of you and it actually inspired me to do the same, my haul is small, I have around 250 books and I'll probably give around 50 away to the public school I went to. As you were speaking I started to remember how by the eight grade I had already gone through the majority of the books in there and how I wish there were more books of my interest for me to read. Having books give me such joy because it's all about the possibilities that surround me, but just thinking of giving them to kids that are actually gonna enjoy them so much more than I would makes even happier. Thanks for starting this. Love from Brazil <3

d. g says:

What do you plan on doing with the arcs? I have plenty of them that I want to get rid of but used book stores don’t take them.

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