Gabe sees Gaby again for the first time since she moved away months ago. Nonverbal Autism Family

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Gabe is autistic and nonspeaking. Over the summer we drove across the country from Maryland to Colorado so Gabe could attend a camp for kids with autism. Along the way to Aspen, CO we stopped in Boulder for two nights. While we were there we took Gabe to see a concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO. We saw the band STS9 in the pouring rain! It was awesome and Gabe loved dancing in the rain to their music! We wanted to get him something to remind him of this amazing night! We had three posters framed for his bedroom! #fortheloveofgabe #autism #autismawareness #nonverbal #nonverbalautism #nonspeaking #sts9 #redrocks

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