Fury of Dracula (3rd Edition) Review

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Fury of Dracula (3rd Edition) Review

Intro (00:00); game overview (01:50); final thoughts and review (14:24);

Fury of Dracula https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/7/23/fury-of-dracula/
Fantasy Flight Games https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/

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Humberto Villela says:

Just saw this. Awesome review!

Lugo428 says:

this guy reminds me of Adam Savage. Maybe it's the hair and glasses.

David Goulette says:

Hey Joel. The positive things you said about combat seem to require everybody to know the cards. How many plays does it take to get into the double think and bluffing?

Jackal pl0w says:

Why isnt this game higher on BGG rankings? what games have been hitting the table lately?

Peter Magro says:

Good Review!I will get this- 2-5 is  very good player-span.

Josh Roberts says:

Your great reviews make me want to buy more games than I have the money for

uugndfv dfgwas says:

łowcy powinni zastawiać wabiki i gdy dracula wejdzie na to pole po minięci go tracił by 1 życie i wiadomo było cy że dracula tam był

Dustin Boatman says:

80S MOVIE NERD ALERT Wasn't it Vassini with the poison? Fezzik was Andre the Giant. Love the reviews, just messing about the movie trivia.

Joel Dalangin says:

Great review. Edits and visuals were excellent. Thanks for getting rid of the B&W "confessional/to catch a predator" video, color looks WAY better and easier to watch.

TheRaokenx says:


Rinkorama says:

Would you recommend this player for 2 players? I really like the theme, but I don't really have a decently-sized reliable playgroup… :S

lillebror666 says:

Thanks for the reference to Whitechapel and Specter Ops. Bought it right away!
Great videos and channel!

Greg Dawson says:

Thanks for the great run down. Was really curious to have more detail about the game before putting my money down. Looks great! 🙂

Oleg Volobujev says:

it is possible to play this game with 2 players? 1 dracula and other take all hunters roles? thank you

Derekrledr says:

Thank you for a very enjoyable review. This is a game that I know that I would love… but the three hour game time is a killer for me. The upper limit for my group is 2 hours… so I will just have to lust after it in my heart… [wink]

Tim G says:

Mine's in the mail – can't wait…..thanks for the review

Hitchslapped says:

@DriveThruReview This sounds like the kind of game you should play with the dreadful number of 5 people 😀

Sorastro's Painting says:

Another fine review; Thanks Joel!

TheMrE says:

Mmm… I play Specter Ops with the family. This one seems interesting but 3 hours and the extra complexity seems to take it out of the family zone.

winterplum says:

Terrific review! I already ordered this one, and it appears that I have much to look forward to. The theme is tops, and the board and cards look atmospheric enough to evoke the right shade of mood. Thank you so much for doing this.

allluckyseven says:

Awesome! I've been waiting for a reprint forever now, and I must say that it looks bjootiful. Though that's become expected coming from FFG. The only thing that I didn't like much were the miniatures. Both the sculpt and them being of a single color.

Carlos Eduardo Saldanha says:

I had the 2nd Edition and traded it.
The combat system was a bit cluncky, with dice, and also the train movement system was based in dice movement.

So, the question here is: is it Fury of Dracula or Fury of the Vampire Hunters?!

This because the previous version wasn't balanced enough to provide Dracula the same chance as the Hunters, and the Hunters won the majority of games.

Olivier Prevot says:

So happy to see one of my childhood games back! 😀

gooberweevil says:

Bram Stoker's Netrunner?! 😀

Chris Schreiber says:

Thanks for the critical detail that the hidden player can be antagonistic! That makes all the difference and piques my interest in finally picking this up.

Brian Frahm says:

Nice work Joel. Interest piqued. 🙂

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