Further Physics Book Reviews

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I review more physics books and further comment on ones previously reviewed.

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Dawn says:

A good intro quantum book?

Moshe Callen says:

For the doctoral thesis in GR I just submitted, I found the easiest way to use the Hubble parameter was to cite the Hubble length from the Particle Data Group. I'd set c=1 but plugging in c's is easy.

Rational Sceptic says:

I love you Dermot sharing your favourite Books..most of us will never get through them ha..but the simpler Books you cite..I've never heard of before..so thanks for that…be safe tgc

Rational Sceptic says:

I'm surprised Dermot you never cited Schaum's College Physics…a Book you can definitely learn from!!

Rational Sceptic says:

Any Physicist who calls the Book "Gravitation" a Stinker has my utmost respect ha

Rational Sceptic says:

Dermot, the Demystified Books you cite are pitched too high for people who don't have Degrees in Maths and Physics with too many Typos..so I'm surprised you rate them!..I think the Schaum Books are my Favourites American Books because they solve problems and explain ideas better than most

Sherlock Holmes lives. says:

Goethe had about twice the used vocabulary of Shakespeare!

No one else has come close to Goethe's used vocabulary!

Arvinder says:

Plzz…give sequence to video in playlist ..

araştırma yapan sıradan birisi says:

Hello sir , I just wanted to ask one more question again.My family conditions are enought for some education materials.And from my point of view just because you opened this channel for people to learn better.I asked before about oxford handbook of history of physics before.Now the thing is im searching for Fundamental and chronological , and if happens to be most illustrated book set for learning.The language must be simple for the most stupid person on the world would understand.Rather than working for exams , i just want to learn about it.Im not engineer , i plan to be an scientist.Like the book set of germans which they wrote in couple of lifetime for put a understandment on topic.I can learn any language for this , i can collect money what ever , just show me the direction for it.
I asked you this because you look like kind of person who wouldnt act high upon people,opened this channel,old enought to have some wiseness ,correct me if i am wrong but you studied MIT (i just look at realistic way correct me if i am wrong and im just generilazed it) and read a lot of books to criticize this topic.
im just a Turkish learner who happens to be studying in china.I guess i was lucky that i seen this channel somehow.And i know its good because it doesnt have that much subscribers.
thank you so much sir
hope you have a good day.

ozhan fenerci says:

I didn't know that 3rd edition of Jackson is not good as 2nd edition. What about Goldstein's 3rd edition of Classical mechanics?


Do the video on papers!! BTW great video

scr5051 says:

Gracias por existir amigo. Felicitaciones por este canal, me suscribo, mano arriba, campana de todo, escribo ahora antes que tengas mas personas subcritas. Saludos desde colombia.

Alexandre Ramos says:

Could you say something about the book Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering by Riley, Hobson and Bence?

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