Fantasy Romance Books On My TBR!

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Valentine’s Day around the corner? #FaRoFeb in progress? How about a fantasy romance TBR to celebrate!

FaRoFeb –
Emma Hamm interview –
Amanda Bouchet interview with @Becca and The Books –

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NOTE: Only the first book in each series is listed

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L Armentrout
Tempting Hades by Emma Hamm –
Heart of the Fae by Emma Hamm –
Gilded Rose by Emma Hamm –
A Deal With the Elf King by Elise Kova
Gild by Raven Kennedy –
Rhapsodic by Laura Thalasser –
A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett St Clair –
Queen of Empire by HR Moore –
The Bridge Kingdom by Danielle L Jensen –
Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr –
Pawn by Angela J Ford –
The Power of Hades by Eliza Rein and Rose Wilson –
A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet –

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Yashi says:

Hey there! Check out NEON GODS, THE GODDESS TEST, THE GAME OF FATES (series), SONG OF ACHILLIES and if not mythological you can check out GAME OF THRONES 😉

Kit Gunasekera says:

You will not be disappointed with gild, biggest book hangover I’ve had in awhile 😭

Nada Pw says:

Fantasy romance is so hard to find!

Suzanne Estep says:

You should read the elemental mysteries series by Elizabeth Hunter just for starters, she writes so well you will just devour her works. Soo good and has individual character spin off books and such excellent world building.
A few others Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs
Soulwood series by Faith Hunter.
KF Breene’s leveling up series so fun.
Rae Carson’s The girl of fire and thorns series

If you want Greek myth go with Sherrilyn Kenyons dark hunters series and start with Acheron.

Dee's little corner says:

I realy liked cruel beauty by Rosamund Hodge. It's a beauty and the beast retelling. It's been a couple of years since I've read it, but I still remember really enjoying the romance in it!

Jasmine Reads says:

😍😍 Determined to find some romance books I love so this was great!!!

rapha bclg says:

Not going to lie, I miss vampires and witches

Kaitlyn Paris says:

Blood and ash will give you the biggest book hangover read at your own risk

Fatima Ceesay says:

From blood and ash is so Good…and the second Book is Even better…it’s a Must read

Tinahgirl83 says:

I just finished Rhapsodic last night and I loved it!!! I immediately bought the others on kindle. I don’t know if you’ve read Grace Draven, but Radiance is now an all time favorite of mine. I have a few of the others you mentioned, and will be getting to them once I’m done with The Bargainer series.

Readingbytheriverstyx says:

I finished the Bargainer series and loved it to the end. I hope you like it. I too have the touch of darkness series in my TBR as well but don’t want to start it till closer till book 3 release

Katie Edmondson says:

Wicked Lovely is one of my favorites and it doesn’t get much book tube love. I’m so excited to see it in a video. Melissa has picked the series back up recently and it is getting more intense!

littledevonnook says:

I've recently read From Blood and Ash and A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire and they are brilliant! AKoFaF was perfection 👌🔥

Kae's Infinite Library says:

The way you’ve sold all these books to me! I can’t wait to read Emma Hamm’s Beauty and the Beast retellings!!!! I will get to A Deal With the Elf King one day 😩

Jamie Z says:

I liked ‘A Touch of Darkness.’ The audiobook was good.

PumpkinJennilynn says:

You know you’re a good author when you can unfreeze a bitter teen’s heart 😂 😂😂

Core Fongheiser says:

LOVED Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely series! Ink Exchange was my favorite from my teen years.

Autumn Ritchie says:


Denyse Cox says:

I'm super interested to see your thoughts on Deal with the Elf King. I only have it 2 stars.

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