Fantasy Romance Book Recommendations! 🔥🐉

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U Wish says:

Why is she always forced into stuff? Jdjdjd like she's either a maid, forced to marry him, kidnapped, a whole man-shaped hitman or otherwise "subdued"/put as inferior to men? Jskddjjdjd this really bugs me about these

HMCKEll says:

1:08 Radiance by: Grace Draven
3:01 Phoenix Unbound: Grace Draven
4:39 Dragon Unleashed: Grace Draven
5:26 Bridge Kingdom: Danielle Jensen
6:58 Fae’s Captive: Lily Archer
8:39 A Promise of Fire: Amanda Bouchet
9:39 A Touch of Darkness: Scarlett St. Clair
10:50 His Beauty: Jack Harbon

Ray says:

I have quite a few Grace Draven books in my TBR but haven’t picked them up yet. She keeps popping up on my radar, I will have to try them soon! Thanks!

Vasakhi says:

Grave Draven Yesss!! imo phoenix unbound is her best work to date!

Rachel Schmidt says:

Is the ippos king book 3 of radiance on paperback?

Nada Pw says:

I love that you mentioned new books to me!!!! When I look for fantasy romance I memorized all the books everyone mentions 😂 Thank you!

Please feel free to share more once you find some as you continue in your reading journey, I just want all the fantasy with all the love 🤣

Jasmine Vial says:

What are some more fantasy romance books with strong females that can fight?

dailydoseofsana says:

i read the bridge kingdom from your reccomendation!! ITS SO GOODD


Like your choice

TheTiffingPoints says:

I loved Radiance! I picked it up because of your recommendation from a previous video, I think. 🙂

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