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What is your favorite fantasy book title?
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Daniel Greene says:

This week has been rough, so I am just doing a bit of an easier video for today. Hope y’all don’t mind!

Sam Jabri-Pickett says:

I think the reason you like the Lone Drow is because the way you say Drow sounds like lone, so it rolls off the tongue more.

Too bad you’re still wrong 😋

Matthew Judge says:

I love "A Little Hatred", it sits on my bookshelf beside my couch and people remark on it all the time.

The Broken Wings Novel says:

Im writing a kinda fantasy novel about a Angel being cast down, and i have the most generic name and the name is Wings

Kor Gaupisc says:

To me, having English as a second language, everything sounds so much more poetic😂 I probably would have put half of the books into the poetic tier

Cúinon says:

Gotta say "A Memory of Light" triggers this sort of instant emotional response in me. Like when the horns of Rohan ring out, or the banners of Aragorn appear at the horizon, I've immediately got tears in my eyes. And something similar is happening here; the idea that it's finally over, that you can remember the light once again. That's just beautiful.

Oh and let me just make you aware of the atrocity that is the German titles for the First Law books. They are (translated literally): "War Blades, Fire Blades, King Blades, Revenge Blades, Hero Blades, Blood Blades, Shadow Blades, Magic Blades (that's "A Little Hatred" btw…), Peace Blades, and Silver Blades" (all in publication order). This is an absolute crime.
This extends to the Shattered-Sea trilogy as well, by the way. The beautiful simplicity yet genius of "Half a King/World/War" is replaced by "King's Vow/Hunter/Crown". German publishers seem to love generic titles…

Lord Astrea says:

Daniel: "There's going to be a flood of hatred…"
Or maybe just… A little hatred? eh? eh?
I'll see myself out

Jack McClain says:

I'm not gonna lie, for the longest time the completely generic and boring book titles and covers for most of A Song of Ice and Fire made me completely uninterested.

Christina K says:

Dude you are really kind to Promise of blood – both the title and the cover seem really generic to me – I am not at all tempted to find out what it is about… 😂

Anna Huňorová says:

I agree that Two Towers in english sounds kind of meh, but translated to my native language it just sounds so majestic it gives a different vibe. I've always loved that title.

luke van zyl says:

Sorry how is the lotr trilogy not all in perfection tier?

Corvus says:

Leviathan Wakes is such a fantastic title. It actually makes me want to read this book even though I have no idea what it's about.

Sinead Jenks says:

No stormlight cultures?

Tom Bombadil says:

What about The Silmarillion?

Flowhannesburg says:

Gardens of the Moon, poetic?

TheButterflyChaos says:

I am not sure it's fair to judge on Two towers and RotK… I mean, it was supposed to be just One Book – The Lord of the Rings..

Athalon says:

Mr Greene, you are being too nice to The Lord of the Rings, the Two Towers is not a good name, a better one would be The War of the Ring.

Dune Ink says:

The two towers being referred to aren't even that important in the story; more of an afterthought. But I don't what else to call it, so whatever

SamTDL ! says:

How is stormfront bad or controversial???

Jessie stromberg smith says:

the name of the wind sounds like a sarah mclachlan song

RigidStandards says:

How is stormfront controversial?

Nicholas Helliwell says:

Personally, I would put "Baptism of Fire", "Game of Thrones" & "Way of Kings" down in Generic and move "Name of the Wind" up to poetic.
Haven't actually read any of them yet so I'm judging just on the title. Regardless, the first three all feel like things I've heard outside of the Fantasy genre, which to me screams more generic than anything else.
Meanwhile "Name of the Wind" feels more intriguing to me, because it raises the question of "how does the wind have a name?" and "what IS the name of the wind and what role does it play in the story?"

Milica DIY says:

Fifty-two Elves? Great idea, Daniel! I'll write that someday.
Edit: The first chapter of Fifty-two Elves can be found here:
and here:

Nimit says:

imo Fire and Blood is the perfect title for that book, since the book is about the history of the Targaryen family and their house words are Fire and Blood

Daniel d'Estree says:

wheres mistborn

Mike Lewandowski says:

Your tier list videos are so addicting…

stipser1 says:

The german covers of a song of ice and fire are pretty nice though. generally, the german versions of foreign language book seriesessss tend to get some kind of consistent cover theme

Nana says:

For me A Game of Thrones and The Name of the Wind are perfection. I just love the sound of them.

thewalrusaurus says:

I'm very amused that 7 of the titles in the 'solid' category are "The X of Y" . Totally not generic at all lol

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